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QuickBooks software is one of the most popular accounting software that has made the workload of freelance bookkeepers, accountants, and business owners all across the world much lighter by automating the whole process of recording and completing the required accounting tasks on time. However, the software at the same time is susceptible to errors as any other powerful software out there.

The errors are generally related to software malfunction or technical issues which will require certified QuickBooks experts adept in handling most of the QuickBooks problems, both internal and external. One such issue faced by many users is QuickBooks Error 15311.

QuickBooks Error Code 15311 is directly related to a faulty digital signature or unstable network connection. The error, however, is most common with QuickBooks users who have side by side integrated payroll platforms as well, and generally at the time of updating the tax forms and table, the QuickBooks Error 15311 crops up. Along with the error code, the user is also accorded with an error message stating:

“Error 15311 QuickBooks did not recognize your log in credentials.”

As per the reason for the Quickbooks Error code 15311 to occur following the appropriate resolution. Before proceeding with the error resolution try to update your software to the latest version and update patches released as these patches generally consist of fixes and resolutions for most of the bugs faced with the current in-service versions and editions.

Resolutions for QuickBooks Error Code 15311

Cause: QuickBooks Digital Certificates – This certificate is generally needed in the cases of
QuickBooks integration with Payroll service. It helps to ensure complete and authentic verification of the users which helps to further authorize tasks related to tax and payroll. Furthermore, it is imperative to be displayed at the time of preparation and filing of payroll taxes.

Resolution: In order to resolve the issue of faulty Digital Certificate follow the steps detailed

  • Navigate to C:\Program Files\Intuit\QuickBooks and then locate QBW32.exe to right
    click mouse icon on it.
  • Select and click on Digital Signature option.
  • Next click on the tab called Details.
  • Now select the option of ‘’View Certificate’’.
  • Click on Install Certificate tab.
  • Now follow the instructions displayed on screen in correct sequence and systematically.
  • Once the process of Installation is complete, then select the tab labeled ‘Finish’.
  • Now close the QuickBooks software and then reboot your system.

Once the rebooting process is over, try to open your software again and access the payroll system as well. However, if the error still persists then it is advised to move to the next resolution.

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Cause: Unstable Network Connection –QuickBooks Error 15311 can also arise due to network problems faced by the users. For this follow the tips illustrated below:

  • Ensure the Web Connectivity if fully functional and stable.
  • Next under security settings of the system and configured settings of security software,
    label QuickBooks software as an exception.
  • User should connect with their ISP (Internet Service Provider) to verify the correct and
    stable speed of the internet.
  • Ensure QuickBooks has been added under non-restrictive section for Network Port.

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The above two resolutions should allow solving the issue of Quickbooks Error 15311 easily. However, if the error persists it is better to connect with the customer care team of QuickBooks set up by Intuit itself. This team consists of professional QuickBooks experts who are trained to resolve any and all kinds of QuickBooks problems. In case the user is unable to set up a connection with the team due to the long queue, they can go for alternative agencies like www.bigxperts.com for online chat.

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