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QuickBooks Error 50197

QuickBooks Error 50197

Unrecoverable Errors like 50197 in QuickBooks can be problematic. It leads to the program encountering critical application faults. Users face this error while attempting to open the QuickBooks Error file that is followed by the error message “QuickBooks has encountered a problem and needs to close” and it simultaneously displays anyone out of 50 numeric error codes like the Error code 50197. The error codes consist of 10 digits that get displayed as ‘5 digits <space> 5 digits’ sequence (50197).

About QuickBooks Error 50197

Error Code:Error 50197Developer:Intuit Inc.
Error Description:QuickBooks has encountered a problem and needs to close” and it simultaneously displays anyone out of 50 numeric error codes like the Error code 50197.Software:QuickBooks
Symptoms:QuickBooks Desktop won’t respond or work, the Windows operating system is frozen.Applies to:Windows 10, and 11
Cause:When you are using alphanumeric characters (credentials)., And using a special character in the user name.Solution:Don’t Let QuickBooks Open All Windows During Start-Up, Open a Sample File and copy the QB File on the Desktop.

Reason for the QuickBooks Error 50197

One main cause behind the occurrence of QuickBooks Unrecoverable error during startup is when the application is closed and there are several windows open on the system. Due to User-driven ‘My Preferences’ to preserve “Desktop Settings,” only one user would be able to log in.

  • When you are using alphanumeric characters (credentials).
  • And using a special character in the user name.

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How to fix QuickBooks Error Code 50197

There are the three-step solutions to resolve the QuickBooks error code 50197, which are mentioned below:

  • Don’t Let QuickBooks Open All Windows During Start-Up
  • Open a Sample File
  • Copy QB File on Desktop

Follow the solutions described below to fix QuickBooks error 50197:

Step One: Don’t Let QuickBooks Open All Windows During Start-Up

Don’t let QuickBooks open all windows during start-up. If you can’t do that then follow the steps below:

  • Double-click the QuickBooks icon along with pressing the Alt key
  • Enter password if needed by releasing the Alt key > Click Next > OK
  • Press the Alt key again once the file is opening
  • Release the Alt key after the file opens completely
  • After opening the file, change My Preference settings to save the desktop

Step Two:  Open a Sample File

If you are unable to open the file with the User passwords, check if the sample file opens by following the steps below:

  • Ensure that QuickBooks is closed to move to step 2
  • 2. Double-click the QuickBooks icon & press Ctrl key immediately after that
  • The application displays a No Company Open’ screen
  • On the No Company Open screen> Click Open a sample file button
  • Select any of the sample files and if prompted to restore or update the file click on OK and continue
  • If you are unable to open the company file but able to access the sample file, chances are the company file is corrupted

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Step Three:  Copy QB File on the Desktop

To check if the storage location isn’t affected, you can copy and try to open the QuickBooks file on the desktop. If the file does open by saving to a different location, there are chances that the location may exceed the QB file storage path limitation. But, if still the file doesn’t open despite saving it to the new location, then there are chances that the file may be corrupted.

Follow the above steps to check if the error gets resolved. If not you can Restore the QuickBooks Backup file through Auto Data Recovery or perform QuickBooks clean installation. In case you need further help in resolving the QuickBooks Error 50197 you can contact BigXperts. We have experts with years of experience in resolving the toughest of errors in QuickBooks who can help troubleshoot QuickBooks Error 50197 by following several other solutions to fix the problem. They have the best tools to ascertain the root cause of the issue and proceed in the right order to get the QuickBooks Error 50197 out of the way.

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  1. Why do I get QuickBooks Error 50197 while running the financial programs?

    This error usually happens when the user enters the wrong login credentials While trying to log into your QuickBooks account. The user has to be sure that no special character is used in the password otherwise it might lead to this issue. In any case, if you forgot your user ID and password then click on the “I forgot my password” and follow the display promptly until you resolve it.

  2. Is there an easy way to fix the QuickBooks error code 50197?

    No, you have to fix this error manually. To do this, hit the first click on the “I forgot my password” option. Then, you have to enter the required information. Once you enter all data correctly then it will give you access to create a new user ID or password. While making a new password or user ID, make sure about the given specifications.

  3. In QuickBooks, are any tools available to fix the QuickBooks error 50197?

    The answer is NO, in QuickBooks, there is no tool available to resolve the error code 50197. This issue occurs when you try to log into your account and enter the wrong credentials whatever the reason behind it, you have to fix it as quickly as possible to avoid major problems.

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