QuickBooks Error Code 6012, -1061


The ease of using QuickBooks accounting solutions as well as the abundance of useful features make these software one of the best in the world. Plus, companies do not hesitate to adopt QuickBooks accounting software as they know that they are easy to learn, hence, the company will not have to waste a lot of time in training. Also, most of the errors that appear on QuickBooks like the QuickBooks Error Code 6012, -1061 can be fixed without any hassle.

Guide to Fix QuickBooks Error Code-6012,-1061

When it comes to solving tech problems on QuickBooks just like the QuickBooks Error Code 6012, -1061, you can get assistance over the phone by getting in touch with our QuickBooks technical help desk. All you have to do is dial +1-800-816-6849 to discuss this problem with our Bigxperts QuickBooks Technical Support Team.

Why do we get this QuickBooks Error Code 6012, -1061?

Like any other QuickBooks technical problems, this QuickBooks Error 6012, -1061 can be rectified by following some easy to do troubleshooting steps as well. This error majorly appears when you have the improper network setup.

The problem mostly crops up if the network set up is not at all perfect. And, this incorrect setup posts hurdle against linking with the software via a network server. The function leads to in inaccessibility of the needed company file. And, this follows interference in the accomplishment of needed tasks.

How should I fix this QuickBooks Error Code 6012, -1061?

  • Click on the start icon, and there select the option to open up the Firewall settings
  • Click on the Windows Firewall icon.
  • In the existing window of Windows Firewall find out Advanced Settings, it may be present on the right-hand side of the window.
  • Get your cursor to the option which reads as Inbound Rules
  • Right click the option and then on New Rule option.
  • Click on the Port and then select the option that reads as Next tab.
  • Here, make sure that the necessary TCP is selected along with particular ports needed for the edition of QuickBooks accounting software which is being used.
  • Now, select the tab which reads as Next and then make sure that the box which is present against ‘Allow the Connection’ is selected after that Next tab.
  • Click on the Next tab and key in a particular name for the fresh rule like Ports QB and after that click the Next tab again.
  • You will have to redo the steps which are listed above but now for Outbound Rule part as selected in 4th point.
  • Finally try to open up the QuickBooks software to check if the issue comes up again or it is fixed.

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With the troubleshooting steps mentioned again, it is easy to fix the QuickBooks Error, and you always have the option to call our QuickBooks Technical help desk as well. Our Bigxperts QuickBooks Technical Support Team is just a call away! Please call us at ☎+1-800-816-6849.

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