QuickBooks Error Code -6129,-101


QuickBooks Error Code 6129,-101 is one amongst those common errors that occur while using QuickBooks which can be rectified with only a few set of troubleshooting instructions. If the instructions followed in the article will be followed with utmost care then the error will be resolved soon.

How To Fix QuickBooks Error Code 6129-101


However, even a top quality tech product like QuickBooks can give some sort of technical problem at times. And, if your QuickBooks accounting programs gives you any error then please get in touch with our Bigxperts QuickBooks tech team to get immediate help. Our QuickBooks tech helpline is open 24 by 7 and can be contacted by dialing ☎+1-800-816-6849.


It’s time to dig deep in to the QuickBooks Error Code 6129, -101. Listed below are some possible causes that lead to this QuickBooks error:

  • All the workstations which are presently operating in a multi-user environment, and all the signed in users’ configuration are not using the newest version of QuickBooks
  • There is some kind of a corruption in QuickBooks installation
  • At times when is hosting is set on both the server and minimum 1 computer (improper) rather than only the server (right)
  • Also, when hosting isn’t correctlyaligned on the server
  • This QuickBooks error can also happen in case where the service QBDataServiceUserXX (where XX denotes the QuickBooks edition which you are using) doesn’t have the accurate required authorizations in order to access the company file
  • Also the damaged network data files can lead to this QuickBooks problem


Want to resolve the error? Here are some steps to follow to rectify the problem:

Method Number One: Disable the hosting on all of the workstations which presently do not host company file:

  • Quickly open up the QuickBooks program on the workstation which presently does not host the company data file.
  • Select the File menu, and after that select the Utilities options
  • In case Stop Hosting Multi-User Access pops up on the menu, then you would have to select it after selecting you would have to click on Yes in order to confirm
  • In case Host Multi-User Access pops up on the menu, then you would have to end it, and move ahead to the next step.
  • You will have to repeat the steps mentioned above on all the computers which do not host the company file.

Method Number Two: Install QuickBooks more aptly

  • You would have to reinstall the QuickBooks accounting program
  • This time you would have to make sure that the installation is done with utmost care
  • Only after proper installation of the QuickBooks software try running the program

The methods which are present above are a great way to quickly get rid of a QuickBooks error like this one. You may also call our QuickBooks technical help desk on ☎+1-800-816-6849 to get assistance over the call.

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