QuickBooks Error Code -6144,82


Looking for ways to fix this QuickBooks Error Code -6144,-82 error quickly ? QuickBooks accounting programs are known to be some of the finest solutions when it comes to the rate of technical errors. Sometimes users can face certain issues like the Error -6144,82 but all the errors are easy to fix as you can always contact our QuickBooks Technical help desk.

How To Repair QuickBooks Error 6144,-82

Our Bigxperts QuickBooks technical team contains some of the most brilliant QuickBooks experts. Just dial ☎+1-800-816-6849 to get in touch with them.

Why do we get this QuickBooks error and how to fix it?

Now, coming to the current technical problem which is QuickBooks Error Code 6144,-82. The error code -6144, -82 basically implies that the network might have been arranged erroneously.

One of the quickest and easiest methods of resolving this error is by re-titling the .ND as well as the .TLG files. Soon after renaming these file, all of these files will be created again automatically after you rescan it with the help QuickBooks Database Server Manager. Then when you will open up the company file again the error will be gone!

Want to start working on the accounts soon? If yes, then follow some of these troubleshooting steps to rename the required files:

  • Firstly, just open up My Computer or Computer whichever is present in your version of Windows; either from the Start menu or from the Desktop Icon
  • Get to that particular place of the Company File which is causing the problem
  • In case you do not know the location of your file then follow the steps listed below:
  • Open Up QuickBooks accounting solution and in case a file opens automatically then you can simply press the Cancel button at the sign in or you may even get to the File menu and there you can click on the Close Company/Logoff option
  • Look for your company file where you get this problem, and when you get it just click one time on it
  • Note down the exact location that shows upbeneath the list of all the files, this is where that particular file which we need is stored
  • Now, once you get the file, quickly retitle it.
  • Change the names from TLG and .ND files for all the QuickBooks file which are causing this issue
  • .TLG and .ND files have the similar name as that of the company file which contains .TLG and .ND at the end
  • You will have to retitle those by right clicking on the file and choosing the rename option from the menu, then just select the end part of the file title and type in OLD
  • Get to the file server, and open up QuickBooks Database Server Manager
  • Add files and start the scan

Now, you should not get this error, if you do then please contact our QuickBooks tech help desk. Our Bigxperts QuickBooks 24/7 customer team can be reached out by calling ☎+1-800-816-6849.

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