QuickBooks Error Code 9995


QuickBooks helps you in the management of various accounting and financial needs of several small and medium industries. You can even make payments through QuickBooks. You just have link your bank accounts and this way you can successfully make transactions. Though with its exceptional features and tools it makes your work simpler and easier but there are occasions when your application too can succumb to certain technical issues like QuickBooks Error Code 9995. This technical issue is also known as the Banking Error.

Resolve QuickBooks Error Code 9995

When you encounter QuickBooks Error 9995 in QuickBooks bookkeeping solution, it means that your bank in not working with QB currently.

Causes for QuickBooks Error Code 9995

Some of the causes are listed below that leads to Error Code 9995.

  • You are working on a multiple version of QuickBooks Database Service.
  • Damaged data or program files are stored for your QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Any Antivirus software is interfering with your QuickBooks application.
  • Corrupt Windows files are present.
  • The Organization data files are damaged.
  • You are using any other third party application which is not integrated with your QuickBooks application.


Experts have suggested some solutions that will help you in resolving your QuickBooks Error Code 9995.

Solution I:

  • Open your QuickBooks application.
  • From the left menu, click on Banking
  • Click on the Update option from the upper section in the right corner of your window.
  • Go to the Last Updated column in your date and/or time section where you have last updated.

Solution II:

  • From the navigation menu, click on Banking
  • Click on the Add Account option from the Banking screen in the top-right corner.
  • Browse for the name of your Bank in the list.
  • Check for your bank’s name in the search list which is available.
  • From the top of your screen, click on your Bank’s website URL which is displayed.
  • It will be opened in the new window.
  • Ensure that you are now able to access your accounts through QuickBooks. You can confirm this by checking the presence of any errors in the following:
    • Accounts Summary
    • Accounts History
    • Accounts Details

Solution III:

  • There are chances that you receive a notification with a message, “Hmm, we can’t find this bank in our list of ed banks,” after you have entered your Bank name or other related data.
  • Now, go to the Request for your bank.
  • Enter your bank name and your Bank’s website URL.
  • Press Request option.

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The instructions mentioned in this article will help you in resolving the QuickBooks Error Code 9995 easily. If you are coming across some technical issues or you are unable to resolve this error then you are suggested to get connected to BigXperts. We provide assistance for various accounting software like QuickBooks. You can easily contact us by giving a call on our toll-free QuickBooks helpdesk number +1-800-816-6849. This way you can easily speak with our expert regarding your QuickBooks Errors and we will help you in resolving them in the minimal wait of time.

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