QuickBooks Error Code H101


QuickBooks Error Code H101

QuickBooks is one of the highly applauded business management software developed and released by Intuit in the year 1994. The software is incorporated with powerful features and advanced tools that help in smooth business management. The automated features hasten the accounting process and improving accuracy and speed. The time and money saved can be further used for other business priorities.

As software and error go hand in hand, QuickBooks also encounters many errors under different circumstances. These errors are coded so that they can be identified easily and resolved quickly. When there is an error scenario in QuickBooks it must be immediately reported to QuickBooks customer. QuickBooks H101 error code is one of the most common error codes reported by QuickBooks users. There are a series of error codes related to this error. They are H202, H303, and H505.

The H101, H202, H303, and H505 error codes indicate that the user is facing a problem while opening the company file. When the user tries to access the company files that are located on another computer, unexpectedly the error happens.

Reasons Why the Error Occurs?

In case you try to open the company file into multi-user mode you encounter the error:

QuickBooks Error Code H202

Attempting to work with a company file that is stored on another computer and this QuickBooks look alike fails to reach the server on that specific computer.
When QuickBooks hosted on your system fails to communicate with the server.

  • QuickBooks Error Codes H101, H303, H505
  • When the user tries to open the company files that are located on another computer that requires extra installation and configuration.

Why does the Error happen?

There are multiple reasons for the occurrence of the error. They are as follows:

  • Improper hosting set up
  • Blockage from Firewall to access company files
  • Set up of incorrect.ND files that allow QB to approach company files in a network.
  • QuickBooks Database Server Manager fails to locate the IP address of the host computer or using the different IP address.
  • Incorrect DNS setting of DNS.
  • QuickBooks services are not yet commenced.

Resolution of the Error Codes: H101, H202, H303 & H505

Intuit has recommended solutions for the resolution of the error. There are multiple reasons the error occurs so there are different resolutions to fix the issue.

Method 1: Employ QuickBooks File Doctor

You can easily download and run the specially designed QuickBooks File Doctor Tool on the server. The tool diagnoses the exact cause of the error automatically clears up the HXXX series and multi-user error.

Method 2: Add your Server to the Windows Host File

You can edit the Windows host file.

Method 3: Create a New Folder for your Company File & Share your Company Files.

  • Create a new folder in the hosting computer then share it and configure it to get entry permission to share the company files.
  • Copy the .qbw file to the new folder.
  • Open your company files in multi-user mode.

Method 4: Verification of Hosting & Services

  • Verify Hosting by opening QB -> File -> Utilities
  • If Multi-user is visible in the list, it means this computer is not hosting the company file
  • Verify QB Services by Windows +R to get the run box
  • Enter services.msc
  • Look for the QB DBXX service in the down of the services window

Method 5: Set Ports for Network to Set up Firewall

Uninstall the AVG program to edit the windows defender that is available with Windows 8.

If the above resolutions fail to resolve the error and you still face the H101 error or other series you can contact to QuickBooks. The team is available and approachable via phone, email, and live chat options.

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Else you can reach out to reliable third-party QB consulting companies. The agency has an experienced in-house team of QuickBooks experts who have in-depth knowledge and experience in error resolution. They assure resolution of the QuickBooks error and other queries in a short wait time face. Call directly to the toll-free phone number +1-800-816-6849 and garner immediate QuickBooks error resolution services.

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