QuickBooks Error in Reload.SQL at Line 39862


Whenever a user attempts to configure a particular computer or endeavors to activate QuickBooks for the first time ever, often an error emerges. Users may undergo the QuickBooks Error in Reload.SQL in the computer.

On top of it, loading the license data also becomes impossible. So it is important to comprehend the real cause for this issue and the solution is needed to get fixed.

What causes the QuickBooks Error in Reload.SQL?

There are many reasons because of which the error may arise. This is why it is highly recommended to first comprehend the actual reason before taking any step. Here are some of the primary reasons to look out for:

  • Accountant copy is being retrieved from other remote place and also the file size is more than 3MB
  • Accountant copy is being reinstated along with a corrupted file folder
  • Accountant copy is being reinstated on the specific PC network
  • QuickBooks installation can be possibly corrupted or damaged

How to resolve the QuickBooks Error in Reload.SQL?

It is presumed that the error arises when the Accountant transfers a file. Once transferred, it can be generally resolved to modify the transferred file and then send it via the specific File Transfer Service.

  1. Open the Accountant file copy that was prepared while data transfer.
  2. Click on the file, remove the restrictions, accountant’s copy
  3. Click on the box that states- Yes the user wishes to remove the restrictions of the Accountant’s copy
  4. Generate the recently updated Accountant’s copy

Note: The steps mentioned above can be done by the user or this error can be resolved with the recent QuickBooks desktop release. Still, if the user experiences that problem has not changed and still exists on the computer, it only states that the specific Portable file or Accountant copy is completely corrupted. In this scenario, the user can send the company data file to a different location via the restoration process.

Make sure the user restores the file locally and not via network

  • Open the file folder of the specific Accountant
  • Select the file and copy it
  • Open the particular C drive, paste the latest folder and give it a name-QB Test
  • Paste the particular accountant copy in the fresh file folder
  • The user is required to restore the file from a specific QB Test file folder
  • Open the QuickBooks software and select restore the existing company.

Summing Up

The above-mentioned steps might seem complicated for someone with a non-technical background. However, they cannot be overlooked since the existence of this QuickBooks Error in Reload.SQL can give rise to a number of business complications.

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