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How to Fix QuickBooks Error Message ‘Connection Has Been Lost’?

QuickBooks Error message ‘Connection has been lost’ is an issue many users have encountered when trying to access a company file, usually over a network. The network error is the main culprit and can be resolved by adjusting the preferences of different programs.

There are several methods that you need to go through to resolve QuickBooks connection errors.

Here is a list of the same:

Here are a few considerations which you should go through before starting the process of resolving the error:

  • If the company file is on a local drive, then the folder containing it may require special permission.
  • Third-party software like windows firewall and other antivirus software can often block connections related to QuickBooks.
  • Company File or Program Files may be corrupted.

To easily resolve the QuickBooks error message ‘Connection has been lost,’ we recommend that you follow the steps in order. Also, restart your system before beginning the error resolution.

Quick Fix Connection Has Been Lost Error from QuickBooks Tool Hub

QuickBooks Tool Hub is a seldom-used program that can effectively troubleshoot errors related to your accounting software. As freeware, it is highly effective at identifying root issues of an error and fixing them. The setup for the program is available from Intuit’s website.

To download and install the QuickBooks tool hub, follow the steps provided below:

  • Download the setup for ​the QuickBooks Tool hub​.
  • Launch ​the setup file.
  • Follow ​on-screen instructions​.
  • Click on ​Finish​

If you already have the program installed on your system, then you can go to the home tab and check the version. We recommend that you install the latest version for the best results.

  • To troubleshoot the issue using the QuickBooks tool hub, follow the steps provided below:
  • Launch ​QuickBooks Tool Hub.
  • Click on ​Program Problem​.
  • Click on ​Quick fix my Program​.
  • Wait for the program to troubleshoot the issue. If the program provides you with any fix, then ​apply ​it. Otherwise, ​move on​.
  • Launch the ​QuickBooks File Doctor​ from the tool hub.
  • Wait ​for the program to scan the company file.
    • If no problem is detected, then your company file is in good health. ○ If a problem is detected, then you’ll have to very data and rebuild the company file.
    • In case there is an issue with the data, there here is your option:
      • Click on Repair through the Tool Hub.
      • Restore a Backup file.
      • Use QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery
      • Contact support for getting the file recovered

Many users save the company file on a portable drive. If this is the case, and you’re facing the QuickBooks Error message: Connection Has Been Lost, then follow the steps provided below:

  • Connect ​the portable drive containing the company file to your system.
    • Check if the drive is working​ by transferring a file to it.
    • Check if there is enough available space​ in the drive to add accounting data to the company file.
  • Disconnect ​and ​reconnect ​your device.

If this doesn’t fix the error, then you can rely on QuickBooks Tool Hub and the tools available through it.

The connection has been lost error when the company file is stored on a Separate Server

In case your company file is stored on another system, and you access it through a network, here are some of the causes for the error:

  1. The firewall blocks QuickBooks from accessing the network port
  2. The Internet connection isn’t working or may be unstable
  3. Folder permission not set correctly
  4. Errors related to the Windows operating system
  5. Problem with the Server on which the Company File is Hosted.

Here are the steps to resolve this error in the order. Go through each of these solutions one by one until the error is resolved. Before all that, restart your server to check if that resolves the error. If it doesn’t then follow the steps provided below.

Step 1 – QuickBooks File Doctor

The QuickBooks tool hub provides access to several tools that can fix errors related to the accounting software and the company file.

Here’s how you can use the tool to fix this error:

  1. Launch ​QuickBooks Tool Hub​ from the start menu.
  2. Click on ​QuickBooks File Doctor​.
  3. Wait for the ​scan ​to finish. Here’s what the results may mean:
  • If no error is detected, your company file is in good health.
  • If an error is detected, then you can:
    • Verify and Rebuild the Date
      • Use QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery to recover lost data
      • Restore the most recent backup copy of the company file.
    • Contact support.

Step – 2 Check User Permissions and Network Settings

Accessing the company file through a wireless network can often lead to errors. This is why most experts don’t recommend this. Here’s how you can check if the network is working properly, and the folder permissions are set correctly:

  1. Create a ​new file​ with notepad and ​save ​it to the server.
  2. If this ​fails​, then you may need to set the folder permissions correctly.
  • Launch the ​File Explorer​.
  • Right-click​ on the company file and select Properties.
  • Click on ​Sharing​.
  • Hit ​Share Add​.
  • Click on the ​QBDataServiceUserXX ​corresponding with your version of QuickBooks.
  • Select ​Full Control ​as the permission level. Click on ​Share​.

This should solve the problems related to folder permissions. Note that if your internet connection isn’t working, then you must contact your internet service provider.

Step 3 – Change Power Settings on the Server hosting the company file

Power settings can often create issues with performance, leading to errors. Here are the steps to disable power management on the server which hosts the company file:

  • Go to the ​Control Panel​.
  • Click on ​Power Options​
  • There are three modes available: ​hibernation, standby, and sleep​. ​Disable ​all three options.

Step 4 – QuickBooks Database Server Manager

QuickBooks database server manager can be used for configuring and managing company files hosted on a separate server. In the start menu, type in QuickBooks Database Server Manager. If you don’t get any result for the same, then install the server manager first. The installation files for the same come with the setup for QuickBooks Desktop.

There are two scenarios according to which the steps to resolve the error differ. The two scenarios have been provided below:

  • Scenario 1 -​ QuickBooks is installed on the server which hosts the company file.
  • Scenario 2​ – QuickBooks isn’t installed on the server which hosts the company file.

Scenario 1

In this scenario, you must ensure that hosting is enabled on the server computer but disabled on the workstations. Here are the steps for the same:

  1. In QuickBooks, click on ​File​.
  2. Go to ​Utilities​.
  3. Check the ​menu ​and proceed accordingly:
  • If ​Stop Hosting Multi-user Access​ is present in the menu, then you’ve properly enabled hosting.
  • If ​Host Multi-User Access​ is present in the menu, then you need to click on it and enable hosting of the company file.

On the workstation, make sure that hosting is turned off, ie, Host Multi-User Access is listed in the Utilities menu.

Scenario 2

  1. Launch ​QuickBooks Database Server Manager​.
  2. Go to the ​Database Server ​tab.
  3. Check if the company file is listed below ​Currently connected company files and logged users​.
  4. Go to the ​Scan Folders​ tab to scan for the company file.
  5. Close ​QuickBooks database server manager.

The ​.nd​ file lists all the scanned company files. Errors related to this file may lead to the ‘​connection has been lost​’ error.

You can recreate the .nd file by following the steps provided below:

  1. Delete ​the .nd file.
  2. Launch ​QuickBooks Database Server Manager​.
  3. Select ​Add Folder​.
  4. Select ​all the folders which contain company files.
  5. Click on ​Scan​.
  6. Hit ​close​.
  7. Verify ​that all the company files were included:
  • Go to the ​folder containing the company file​.
  • Check if a ​.band ​file is created.

The database server manager will create a .band file in the folder containing each scanned company file. If this file doesn’t appear, then the company file wasn’t included in the database server manager.

Once you’ve configured the folders, adjusted power options, and checked the network, you should restart your server and workstations. This will ensure that all the settings are applied appropriately.

To know more or to get help with resolving QuickBooks Error message: Connection Has Been Lost, contact our experts at via Live Chat.

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