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QuickBooks File Doctor Tool

QuickBooks file doctor is a program available through the Quickbooks tool hub, a free utility provided by Intuit to help users easily fix common problems and errors related to their accounting software. All software sometimes encounters errors that can lower users productivity. In such cases users are often struck with paid services so their cost of using the software goes up. However, with Quickbooks the good thing is that you already get a free utility to fix most of the common errors related to the accounting software. These errors can include company file errors, common network errors, printing and PDF errors, and installation errors.

You can use the QuickBooks File Doctor after you’ve installed the tool hub. The file doctor simply checks for errors related to data inside the company file. If there is a missing piece of data or something along the same lines, then you’re more likely to find the file doctor helpful in resolving the problem.

In this post, you will learn how to use QuickBooks File Doctor.

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What is the QuickBooks File Doctor?

QuickBooks file doctor is mainly used to recover a corrupted company file or missing data.

QuickBooks File Doctor can fix the following errors:

It is a program available in the QuickBooks Tool Hub, a freeware provided by Intuit. The tool hub has various utilities to deal with various network, installation, programs file, and company file errors. As this software is available for free, users can use it to simply take care of any Quickbooks desktop related errors they encounter. 

Some really important utilities included in this tool are

  • Quickbooks file doctor which can scan the company file for various errors and fix those errors.
  • Quick fix my program which is another tool to check for missing or blank lists or missing information from the company file.
  • Network issues utility deals with any problem that is related to QuickBooks and a network connection. Quickbooks error h202 is one such error that can be dealt with using this utility.
  • Program problems can be used to check for any errors that stop the program from working properly or as it is intended to work. This utility works in conjunction with the company file issues utility.
  • Installation issues tool can be used to easily check for dependencies that are missing from your system and for issues that are preventing QuickBooks from installing in the first place.
  • Password reset utility can be used when users forget the password for an admin account.
  • Advanced tools are also present in order to help you troubleshoot other errors that may require more expertise.

When you download and install Quickbooks tool hub, the programs are downloaded when you click on the program that you want to use. The download happens in the background within 2 to 3 minutes.

How to use QuickBooks File Doctor to deal with company file errors?

QuickBooks file doctor can identify and fix common company file errors related to data damage. It can also help with upgrading your company file so that you can import it into a newer version of the accounting software.

Let’s get started with QuickBooks File Doctor.

Step 1: Install Quickbooks tool  hub

Before you can use the various utilities available in this hub, you need to install it on your system. It is a Windows application that runs on 64 bit computers.

Click here to download the latest edition of QuickBooks File Doctor.

Here are the steps to download and install QuickBooks tool hub:

  1. Go to the task manager and close all instances of Quickbooks running in the background.
  2. Exit the quickbooks desktop program.
  3. Download Quickbooks Tools Hub and choose a location to save the file.
  4. Launch the installation of the tool  hub.
  5. Follow onscreen instructions provided by the installer until the installation is complete.

You have successfully installed QuickBooks tool hub, which contains Quickbooks file doctor utility that can easily fix errors related to the company file.

Step 2: Scan for damaged or missing data

Before you fix a company file, you need to check for errors and missing data inside your accounting data. In this case, you need the “Quick fix my file“ program to quickly and easily work through this issue.

Here are the steps to use quick fix my program to scan the company file for missing data before using QuickBooks File Doctor:

  1. Go to the start menu and click on Quickbooks tool hub.
  2. Click on Quick fix my file.
  3. Wait for the scan to finish and click on OK when it completes.

If you find any missing data or error in your company file then you can move to the next step of this post. Quick fix my file only identifies errors and lists them out for the user. Quickbooks file doctor is the utility that actually fixes the error.

Step 3: Fix errors with Quickbooks file doctor

Now you know all the errors that are present in your company file, so you can move to the step of fixing these errors using the Quickbooks file doctor. Just like the quick fix my file utility, this program scans the company file and tries to fix any error.

Here are the steps to fix company file errors using Quickbooks file doctor:

  1. Launch Quickbooks tool hub.
  2. Click on Run Quickbooks file doctor.
  3. When the Quickbooks file doctor window appears click on browse and search and select your company file.
  4. Click on check your file then continue.
  5. Enter authentication details for an admin account associated with the company file and click on next.

While the total time taken to scan and fix the company file depends on the total size of the company file, it generally takes less than 5 minutes for the program to actually find issues and fix them.

Note: if you cannot find the Quickbooks file doctor in the Quickbooks tool hub or cannot launch it from the tool hub, then you can open the program directly from the start menu.

Step 4: To upgrade or not to upgrade

Once the file doctor is done scanning the company file, users need to decide to upgrade the company file or not to upgrade the company file.

When you try to repair the company file you have two options:

  • Open the file in a newer version of QuickBooks:  this means that the company file would be repaired and upgraded automatically by the software so that it can work with the new version of Quickbooks.
  • Repair the file for your existing version of Quickbooks:  in this case the software will only repair the company file without upgrading it so that it continues to work with the current edition of Quickbooks desktop.

Both of these options can easily fix 6000 series errors that are notorious for damaging the company file and preventing the accounting software from launching in the first place.

Step 5: Update Quickbooks and create a backup of company file

After repairing the company file, we recommend that you update the accounting software and create a backup of your company file. First off all, this will ensure that errors addressed by the recent updates can be fixed and that you have a recent copy of your company file that works properly.

You can update Quickbooks by going to the help menu and selecting the update Quickbooks option. A backup copy of the company file can be created from within Quickbooks using the backup utility.

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As you can see Quickbooks file doctor is an amazing utility to fix common company file related errors and issues encountered by users around the globe. This is one primary reason why this utility is available for free and why you don't have to shell out even a single penny to resolve such errors. So if you are currently dealing with the company file error, then try out QuickBooks file doctor today.

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