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QuickBooks Invoicing For Gmail: Send Invoice to Your Customer through Gmail

When you are working with numerous clients and customers, there are huge records to be kept. Of course, manual record-keeping days are gone but with the advancement of the technology and the emergence of computerized record-keeping, the complications in the form of technical issues still persist. For a business selling its products and services, generating invoices is one of the major functions to be handled. QuickBooks Online and Google have come together to offer the best invoicing services in the form of QuickBooks Invoicing for Gmail.

QuickBooks Invoicing For Gmail: Send Invoice to Your Customer through Gmail

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How does it help?

With QuickBooks invoicing for Gmail, businesses get an opportunity to generate invoices directly from their Gmail dashboard. It has appeared to be a very advantageous feature that is embedded in Gmail mostly for those who frequently use the emailing service. The data saved in the inbox are utilized to create the invoices, thereby assuring maximum possible accuracy.

As soon as the invoice is generated in Gmail, it gets synchronized with QuickBooks Online and offers you hassle-free accounting and transaction services. This establishes a connection between the QuickBooks Online account and Gmail. Though the service has appeared to be of great help to businesses of all sizes, it has benefited the smaller enterprises more. The self-employed people are especially helped through this feature.

How to Connect Gmail with QuickBooks Online?

  1. Log in to your Gmail account
  2. Browse to G Suite Marketplace
  3. Identify the location of the Gmail icon
  4. When found, select it
  5. Click on the Install link

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  1. Return to the Gmail dashboard
  2. Open an email message with a QB icon found on the right
  3. Click the icon
  4. Click on the Authorize Access link
  5. Now Allow access to your account through the app

How to have a company logo on the invoice?

When it comes to invoicing, having a company logo for authorization is important. Here are the steps that you follow to input a company logo on the invoice:

For Gmail

  1. Go to the Gmail add-on
  2. Select Settings from the menu
  3. Select Edit option beside Color and logo
  4. Add the logo but in the new tab
  5. Return to Gmail
  6. Refresh the page

From QB Online

  1. Choose Gear icon
  2. Select Custom form styles
  3. Select a template you want to customize
  4. Click Edit

How to send an invoice?

  1. Open an existing email thread or compose a new email for the customer
  2. Select QuickBooks logo as soon as you see the add-on gets displayed on the right side
  3. Fill out the invoice
  4. Click Send

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