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QuickBooks Merchant Services or QuickBooks Online: Which Is Best ?

QuickBooks merchant services or QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks accounting software has helped many businesses to administer their inventory, payroll, and sales and offers a number of great features, helping the users to effectively manage and process their chief financial records.

Like any other software program, the user is sometimes bound to experience errors and problems connecting, processing, banking, etc. causing double in their business adventure.

Intuit has provided a different system to help its user in solving every issue possible. There are different services that you can opt for to resolve your issues.

However, with so many options available it is sometimes difficult and confusing to make the right choice. In this article, two significant services shall be highlighted to you: the QuickBooks Online and the QuickBooks merchant services.

Note: This article is meant solely to guide and is not intended to any possible situation.

Read on the following information provided about QuickBooks Merchant Services and QuickBooks Online  so that you can decide the better service that best suits you according to the problem.

QuickBooks Online

  • You will be to verify whether your merchant account has been connected to your QuickBooks Online
  • You can state your features-related queries in using QuickBooks online with the QuickBooks Payment
  • You will receive in matters like processing sales, returns, voids, etc
  • Set up and manage online merchant account using QuickBooks Online
  • You can make Research on particular transactions, non-deposited funds, or batches
  • Verify and obtain account numbers
  • Monthly processing limits can be verified

If you require help then you can contact the helpdesk on the provided dial number or links and state your problems. You may also acquire by clicking on the Help icon when you log in to the company

QuickBooks Payments

  • You will be able to view all the application status also include decline or pending status
  • Through QuickBooks Online you can transfer the Payments account to the quick to QuickBooks desktop version
  • Get confirmation whenever deposits are supposed to be credited/received
  • When necessary you can even close or cancel your merchant account
  • You can make Research on particular transactions, non-deposited funds, or batches
  • Make inquiries of the monthly statement
  • Ask about chargeback /retrieval letters or even about chargeback debits
  • You can reopen the closed merchant account or even cancel if needed
  • You receive necessary help with risk, fraud, and security-related
  • Verify processing limits per month
  • question about a decline in response while trying to charge the cardholder
  • verify and obtain an account number when needed
  • learn more about the monthly statement

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