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QuickBooks Merge

What is Account merging?

Merging is used to monitor & organize finances in QuickBooks through the unification of transactions and eliminating duplicate accounts.

When to use Account merging?
It is beneficial when there is a need to have a single representation in financial reports. It is a permanent process i.e. irreversible. You can find some accounts which don’t permit any modification or unable to merge due to their types like uncategorized Asset or Uncategorized Expense. If anyone attempts to merge such an account then a warning message will pop out on the screen.

Below is the list of the accounts which you never merge as they are a standard requirement
of the system:

  • Default CST accounts
  • Default Service Income account
  • Uncategorized Income
  • TDS Receivable
  • TDS Payable
  • Default GST/VAT accounts
  • Default Service Tax accounts
  • Retained earnings
  • Default PAYG/PAYE accounts
  • Default Service Income account
  • Open balance earnings

List of points that you need to check before merging accounts are below:

  • Create a backup of the company file
  • Change the mode of the file to a single-user
  • Verify there should be no pending account charges
  • Turn on multi-currency

How to merge accounts with the reconciliation process in QuickBooks?
Check that account you are trying to merge contains reconciliation reports. If yes, then save the reconcile report request is shown to you. You have to save it because after merging it will be lost. However status will dwell on the list of merged transactions.

Below-mentioned is the list of steps to merge two accounts in QuickBooks:

  • Navigate settings
  • Below setting choose Chart of accounts.
  • Discover the account you wish to pick and hit edit from the drop-down button listed in the Action column
  • Write Name & description in Detail type and verify that Is sub account option is selected.
  • If yes then monitor the parent account linked with it.
  • Choose to Cancel to get back on the option named Chart of Accounts
  • Locate account which you don’t wish to use and choose Edit located in drop-down button named Action
  • Input the name, detail type & select is sub account as suitable. Check that the sub- accounts are connected to the same parents account to merge easily
  • The permission is not granted to merge if the parent accounts contain existed sub-accounts
  • Choose save and select Yes

How to merge customer accounts?
Here is a list of the steps that need to follow:

  • Locate Sales, and then choose Customers.
  • Modify the first name, middle name, last name, suffix, title or any detail associated with
  • it and make it similar to the customer’s account that you are trying to merge.
  • Hit save and choose Yes.

How to merge the supplier’s account?
Follow the instructions that are written below:

  • Navigate Expenses and then discover suppliers
  • Find out the supplier name that you don’t wish to use after that click edit
  • Modify the details like title, middle name, first name, suffix, and display name to make the two accounts identical
  • Click on save and yes for confirmation.

How to merge Vendor accounts in QuickBooks Desktop 2020?

  • Open the Merge Vendor window through selecting Client Date Review from the Accountant menu or selecting Accounting tools from the company menu (QuickBooks Desktop enterprise)
  • Explore the window and find out venders that need to be merged and after that select Next
  • Choose a Master Vendor and then hit Merge
  • Choose yes, appearing on the Confirmation prompt & then select Ok.


That’s all about QuickBooks merge. We hope you can easily perform Vendor accounts, customers & supplier account merging through the above-mentioned enhanced steps. In case, you stuck in any of them or to know an accurate resolution of any QuickBooks error or any functional issue, reach the professional team at QuickBooks 1800-816-6849. Get better assistance for all your queries in a single call. There is another method to reach the team through an email.

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