Open the QuickBooks File with the .ND Extension


A QuickBooks file with the .Nd extension is nothing but network data files or in other words configuration files that provide the QuickBooks Desktop to access the company file in a multi-user environment. QuickBooks data server manager helps in the automatic creation of these files which eventually helps in identifying the database server the program will use. The sample network data file is as follows:

.ND files in QuickBooks Desktop

The network data files or .ND files comprise a really important piece of information.

Below information is available on the network data file, it also lets you know whether the company file is in use or not.

  • IP address- the IP address can be found with the name server IP. You can get the server IP address and compare it with what is in the .nd file.
  • QB year and name of the server- the server name is found in middle and database manager version in the end for example 28=2018,
  • Server Port- The port used can be found to be opened/added in firewall settings.
  • Path to company file- Complete path for the company file.
  • Hosting on and Off- For multi-user mode, hosting will need to be turned on.

How to access .Nd QuickBooks files and open them?

So, if you want to open the QuickBooks network data file, you must first know its location,

  1. The network data files created by the QuickBooks data server manager are saved in the company file’s folder itself.
  2. They can be easily identified with (.ND) extension for example MyCompanyFile.nd /.qbw.nd. The size of the file is generally 1 KB and they are in txt format.
  3. You can open and edit these files in the notepad.

Troubleshooting Network data – .ND file error

You need to follow below troubleshooting solution in case you come across a network data file error:

Solution 1. Rebooting of the system and server in case of damaged or corrupted network data files

  1. First of all, you will have to reboot all the systems having access to the company file.
  2. If there is any data left, you will have to restart the system and server again.
  3. After the restart process is finished, you need to access your company file and network data file again.

Solution 2: Incorrect or missing .nd file, if this is the issue then follow the below steps

  1. Go and remove the file with the extension (.NDOLD) old network data files.
  2. Now you need to rescan the folders with the help of the database server manager. This will create the new network data file which hopefully you will be able to open without any issue.

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