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QuickBooks Payroll Error 20102 – Runtime Error

QuickBooks is well-known for its amazing features but with all of its amazingness sometimes the user might encounter some error issues. Payroll is one of the best features where you can manage your employees’ pay and financial status. QuickBooks Payroll error 20102 is one of the major problems you might be facing. This error appears to due to several factors. Read this blog to find all solutions to fix this error. 

When the user tries to sign up for the direct deposit on the EIN, which is linked with your earlier payroll provider’s account. If you already have your active direct deposit on a duplicate EIN of a different account for the current payroll service provider. This error slows down your system performance.

About QuickBooks Payroll Error 20102

Error Code:Error 20102Developer:Intuit Inc.
Error Description:It usually happens when you have an active direct deposit on the employer identification number.Software:QuickBooks
Cause:incomplete installation of QuickBooks, corrupt Windows registryApplies to:Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
Sysmptom:Window crashes during the program processing, While loading the QuickBooks, your system hangsPossible Solution:Fix The Corrupted Window Registries, Uninstall & Re-Install The QuickBooks Program

Symptoms – Indications about the QuickBooks Payroll Error 20102

The QuickBooks Error 20102 warning notification pops-up on your screen while starting or ending the installation program while tracking the window operating system.

Sometimes there might be an issue that occurs:

  • Window crashes during the program processing 
  • While loading the QuickBooks, your system hangs 
  • The active program functioning stops and crashes frequently 
  • When other applications take much time to respond to the enter command and it is difficult  for the system to operate the function timely 
  • The user faces the loss of credentials and other saved information from the QuickBooks application 

Why Does QuickBooks Error Code 20102 Appear?

Before fixing this error, know the reason behind your error:

Corrupted/Damaged window registry:

Corrupted registry files is one of the major reasons for this error. It happens while updating the software from the current version to the latest release.

Malware or virus attack:

Virus/Malware always plays a significant role in affecting the QuickBooks function. If the installed anti-virus scanning process finds a little issue, they warn you repeatedly until you find and correct that issue. sometimes, the user has to turn off the activation mode of the anti-virus firewall application 

Improper Installation:

Incomplete or improper installation creates many problems while launching the QuickBooks software. 

How to Resolve the QuickBooks Payroll Error 20102?

After ensuring about the reasons, pick the suitable solution to fix this error as soon as possible from the given resolutions:

1. Solution One: Fix The Corrupted Window Registries

Fixing the corrupted window registries with the following steps:

  • Firstly, turn on your system 
  • Now, go to your search bar and write “Command”
  • Then, you have to move to the “Command Prompt” from the search outcomes 
  • After this, hit the CTRL + Shift + Enter key simultaneously  from your keyboard 
  • Give a click on the YES confirmation on the permission dialog box 
  • After this, a command prompt box will appear on your screen with a blinking cursor 
  • Then, write regedit in the given section and hit the Enter key
  • Locate and open the registry editor box on your screen 
  • Find and mark all keys which are related to the QB Payroll Error 20102
  • Then, create a backup folder for all the marked files 
  • Go to your File tab and choose the Export option 
  • Once you are done with this step, you have to choose the folder from where you can easily access your file 
  • Then, write the “File Name” under the given field 
  • Ensure to pick the “Selected Branch” from the export range box
  • Hit the save button and go to your selected location 
  • After this, you can view the QuickBooks backup file with the .regextension name
  • You can edit manually and repair the corrupted registry files 

2. Solution Two: Uninstall & Re-install The QuickBooks Program

Uninstall and then re-install the QuickBooks program with the following steps:

Before making uninstallation and reinstallation program files, you have to create a backup file. so while troubleshooting you don’t lose your data. You can reinstall the complete program from the Intuit official website or CD.

  • After unlocking a screen, locate the “Add or Remove Programs” option 
  • Choose the “QuickBooks Application” from a new window  
  • Hit your click on the “Uninstall” button 
  • Go to Intuit official website and install the latest edition of the QuickBooks 
  • Moving forward with on-screen guidelines and then launch the QuickBooks application 
  • Proceed with the continue button and then check whether the issue is resolved or not 

3. Solution Three: Run The QuickBooks File Doctor to Finish The Program

If the above solutions did not work well then the user is required to run the QuickBooks File Doctor. You can install the QuickBooks File Doctor from the QuickBooks Tool hub with the following steps:

  • Make sure, you download the QuickBooks latest release of the QuickBooks Tool hub
  • Enter your double-click on the tool hub icon 
  • Now, you have to choose the Company File issue 
  • Choose the “Run QuickBooks File Doctor”
  • Hit your next click on the “Company File” from the drop-menu options
  • Select the “Check your File” option and click on the “Continue” button
  • To moving forward, you will require to enter the QuickBooks Admin Password 
  • Then, hit the Enter key and you are all resolved with this error


  1. Is clean installation resolve the QuickBooks Payroll Error 20102?

    The answer is Yes, clean installations automatically detect and repair the damaged files. So, you can go back to your work to manage the business accountancy management with high-speed. While running the clean installation processing, you can also fix the QuickBooks company file and run-time errors.

  2. What are the reasons and circumstances of QuickBooks Payroll Error 20102?

    When the user tries to run the payroll account programs and windows crash frequently is an indication of a QuickBooks payroll error 202102. This issue usually happens when users attempt to sign up for the direct deposit on the EIN, which is associated with your previous payroll provider’s account.

  3. Do I need to upgrade the QuickBooks to avoid the QB Payroll Error 20102?

    Yes, if you run the payroll module then you need to update the latest version of QuickBooks every three years. If you don’t do then the errors like QB payroll Error 20102 will block you from further payroll processing. You can also uninstall and then re-install QuickBooks to get rid of all these bugs.

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