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QuickBooks Payroll Report Viewer

QuickBooks Payroll Report Viewer

Employees Detail Report under QuickBooks Payroll

QuickBooks Payroll in sync together aids to structure a complete overview of the business status in the market for the current period. It also helps to predict the probable future standing of the business by providing reports on all aspects of the business under one platform.

With a pre-generated reports template, creating these year-end reports becomes even easier. It saves multiple resources of both time and effort Moreover, these templates are highly customizable and can be created keeping the requirements and wants of business in mind. From a company perspective, you have to learn How To Create Payroll Reports in QuickBooks first.

How User Can View Payroll Reports in QuickBooks?

With these customizable reports, users can save time and resources as well as human resources which can be employed in another sector of the business which helps to increase efficiency and productivity of the business, thus increasing the profit and growth of the business.

One such Accrued Payroll Report report that helps to view the details regarding the employees working in the company is Employees Detail Report which entails the following information regarding the employees:

  • Name of the employees
  • Address of the employees
  • Birth date of the employees
  • Pay details, for example – wages, pay rate, contributions by the company as well as employees, deductions, etc.
  • Tax details, including information on SSNs (Social Security Numbers), Taxes paid under federal and state government paying tax Using ITIN.

To view the Employees Detail Report follow the steps listed below:

  1. From the menu bar on the left side of the screen, locate and click on Reports.
  2. Next click on the search box which is denoted with an icon of a magnifying glass to see a complete list of reports from the drop-down menu. If the user is aware of the name of the report, they should type in the initial alphabet of the report name to swiftly jump to it in the list.
  3. Now select and click on Employee Details.
  4. Select a specific employee or All Employees from the Employee drop-down as per the requirement.
  5. Select a specific work location to see a list of who works at that location from the Work Location drop-down.
  6. Lastly, click on Run Report.
Help If Unable to View QB Payroll Reports

The above steps regarding viewing of Employee Detail Report under QuickBooks Payroll should help to view the required report without any hassle.

However, if faced with any error or problem while creating Quarterly Payroll Reports QuickBooks, users should connect with the QuickBooks Payroll Support team housed by Intuit who are experts and experienced in tackling all sorts of QuickBooks payroll issues. They are extensively knowledgeable and intensively trained to decipher and resolve all payroll issues faced with QuickBooks.

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