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QuickBooks Payroll Sample

QuickBooks Payroll Sample

Sample of QuickBooks Payroll

To create a sample payroll system in QuickBooks, you will have to first select a state from the drop-down list and press Continue to set up a sample company.

Once the sample company is created, you have to press Continue to go to the Payday page.

The first drop-down menu at the top will have Regular Checks, Bonus Checks, Commission Checks and Fringe Adjustments as options. Select Regular Checks. Also user can connect with QuickBooks Payroll Customer Service to now among the Basic, Enhanced, Full Services and QuickBooks For MAC Payroll which is the best version for them .

In the table below, in the Regulars column, enter the desired number of hours (hrs) in the blank box.

Creating Sample Company to Learn QuickBooks Payroll

Below the table you will notice, information on some common queries. The solutions will appear in pop-up windows and, so, you must ensure that pop-ups are not blocked on your computer:

  • Turning pay types/columns on/off
  • Turning off direct deposit for an employee
  • Differences between a ‘bonus run’ and a regular paycheck bonus
  • Differences between a ‘commission run’ and a regular paycheck commission
  • Termination/deletion of a listed employee

Steps to Follow

  • Keep the boxes under OT, Sick Pay and Vacation Pay blank. Once this is done select the Create Paychecks button.
  • You will now be directed to the Approve Paychecks page. Here you will see an option to undo any changes you made by mistake. You can also View/Edit any changes made for each employee or remove them completely.
  • If you click on any of the View/Edit options for an employee, you will be taken to a page, which will show you all the details about the employee’s pay, deductions, and taxes. You can modify these by selecting the Approve, Edit and Delete buttons at the bottom. When this is done, you will return to the Approve Paychecks page. Here, select Approve Paychecks at the bottom.
  • You will now see the View and Print Paychecks page. Here, you will find the View and Print and Continue buttons. Before pressing either buttons, you can check out the ‘View more checks’ and ‘Change paycheck printing settings’.
  • If you go to ‘View more paychecks’ you will find a list that includes more employees. At the top of this table you will find the option Update Report. You can use this to change the report based on last paydate, quarters or the entire year. You will find these options in the Range drop-down.
  • At the bottom of the table, you will find the Delete, View and Print and Modify Check #s options. You can use these options by selecting the employees from the table, for whom you want to make the changes.
  • Below you will find ‘Show Adjustment Checks’, which will show you the current window again. You can also go through the FAQs on deleting paychecks and trouble-shooting printing problems.
  • When you are done, close the window and go to View and Print Paychecks page and select Continue. You will be on the Enter Check Numbers page. Enter a fictional check number in the empty field and then select Save Check #s or Skip Check #s. Before doing this, you can also select ‘View more checks’ to add or modify checks.
  • Once you are done selecting either Save Check #s or Skip Check #s, you will be notified that your task is completed and will be presented with the options to view Payroll Summary, Payroll Details and Deductions. Select any one or all the options to view the reports, which will open in Microsoft Excel.

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