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QuickBooks Payroll for Small Business

Read the article regarding QuickBooks payroll for small businesses before purchasing the payroll for your organization.

Intuit QB Payroll for Small Business

After much deliberation, testing, research and analysis, Intuit’s ever famous QuickBooks Payroll was considered to be one of the best payroll options for small businesses as in the year of 2017.

Its professional outlook combined with powerful tools while maintaining the user friendliness many people have come to associate with QuickBooks banner. The software has been chosen as one of the most profitable payroll amongst other online or otherwise options.

Intuit under QuickBooks Payroll offers users different types of service plans that can not only take tackle regular payroll activities but also at times handle complex but imperative payroll tax requirements.

The service plan can cost anywhere from $20 to $99 excluding charge of $2 per employee. As QuickBooks Payroll comes under the banner of Intuit it is generally recommended to visit the website and download the link from there.

Quickbooks Payroll Software: All Versions

This QuickBooks Payroll software is also available in 5 different versions each of which consists of specific set of features to perform all the payroll duties of a business effectively and efficiently.

1. Basic Payroll:

This is the initial payroll software with most payroll basic features that allows users to generate instant paychecks and calculate taxes accurately with ongoing support from Intuit through live chat.

It is available for:

  • Monthly: $20 / month (includes 20% discount for first 6 months along with additional cost of $2 per employee).
  • Annually: $225 / year ($18.75 per month along with additional cost of $2 per employee).

2. Enhanced Payroll:

A step above Basic version, QB Enhanced Payroll consists of all the features of Basic payroll with few additional surprise elements of its own like complete automatic form filling for both Feds and State taxes.

The prices for this are:

  • Monthly: $31.20 / month (includes 20% discount for first 6 months along with additional cost of $2 per employee).
  • Annually: $351 / year ($29.25 per month along with additional cost of $2 per employee).

3. Full Service Payroll:

This version of Payroll is truly considered to be Intuit Payroll as all the services and functions are performed by Intuit itself. QB Full Service Payroll available in two versions, one is with Online QuickBooks and other is with QuickBooks Desktop.

Prices for the same are:

  • Online: $79.20 / month (includes 20% discount for first 6 months along with additional cost of $2 per employee).
  • QuickBooks Desktop: $79.20 / month (20% discount for first 6 months along with additional cost of $2 per employee).
Small Business Payroll Help & Support

As the software is part of Intuit, the company takes up the responsibility of according correct calculations as per the details provided by the user and the conditions attached by the company. In case there is any fault in the calculation of the report, Intuit is ready to incur the penalty amount attached because of the calculation error.

QuickBooks Payroll services are quite vast in the terms of tools and features provided to business owners who wish to perform their payroll activities using the software. The best individuals to approach where guidance under this payroll service is the group of professional expert team set up by Intuit.

Note :  The Price is mentioned Above is taken Aug 2017 , You can call our toll Free number for latest price details of QB Payroll Software .


  1. What do you mean by Tax penalty protection in QuickBooks Payroll?

    It is the assistance related to reimbursing any penalty or the interest cost. This Tax penalty protection is beneficial if you receive a penalty on any error while operating the QuickBooks. The penalty may be from state federal or any local tax.

  2. For claiming tax penalty protection, what do you require to do?

    💠 Automated Tax and form must be enabled.
    💠 Submit required electronic services authorization forms to Intuit for successfully enrolling with the applicable state, federal and local authorities.
    💠 Send the copy of the pay tax notice containing complete pages to intuit within 15 days of the date appearing on the first notice.

  3. Can I pay my Employee on the same day?

    Yes, you can make same-day direct deposits. QuickBooks payroll provides a direct deposit feature. You only need to choose the Employee and its hours or other information like sick time, set the schedule, and run the payroll. The paychecks get deposited on account of your Employee on the same day.

  4. Is there any deadline for same-day direct deposit in QuickBooks Payroll?

    The deadline for a same-day direct deposit is 7 AM (PT); under this, you can easily make the last-minute adjustments and have the flexibility for the same day deposit to pay your Employee.

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