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QuickBooks Point of Sale Barcode Scanner

QuickBooks Accounting Software has so many versions available in the market with so many upgraded Tools and Features. All these features are available with different versions as per the size of the organization and contribution in the market. QuickBooks POS Barcode Scanner is one of such important tools to fulfill business requirements.

QuickBooks Point of Sale Barcode Scanner: Support & Solutions

It is the right example of the quality that qualifies your business requirements. You can easily manage your different aspects of business, inventory and others with the user. Managing and maintaining your inventory in a proper way is a very important task.

QuickBooks POS helps you Save Time and Money:

It consists of so many minutes yet important tools and features that help you streamline your work in due time. That’s ultimately a saving of money. The lesser the manual effort, the lesser the manual error.

One of the most important aspects of QuickBooks POS is inventory management. In this, you can easily make a purchase of the quantity which is in-stock. All you need is a few hardware. One of such is Barcode Scanner. The scanner is available in majorly two versions:

  1. Wireless
  2. Wired

It doesn’t matter which version you are using, both the models are committed to speeding up your business processes.

QuickBooks POS (Point of Sale) Barcode Scanner:

  • It minimizes counting mistakes by automatic placement and systematic scanning.
  • It reduces the amount and time spent on employees for their training.
  • Now, you can generate reports that consists of details of stock to the concerned person to make them takes better decisions for the business.

If it is featured with so many advanced tools, there are various issues that it can face due to so many internal and external reasons. Here are some of the common issues with QuickBooks POS.

  1. QuickBooks Point of Sale doesn’t start
  2. Credit Card and Debit Card: Unable to Process
  3. Transaction Failure in Point of Sale
  4. Merchant Integration with QuickBooks Point of Sale
  5. Point of Sale Server Issues
  6. Company File can’t be located
  7. QBPOS application Log: Initialization Error
  8. Add and Build Assembly Items
  9. Customer Preferences
  10. Unlock Higher Level
  11. Inventory Reports
  12. Merchandise returns to Vendor
  13. Adding Logo to Sales-Doc

How to Resolve the Issue?

There can be certain errors and updates that can lead to various issues in your software. You can also lose all your data and operation task. This can be a big trouble. If your POS Server is not responding or starting, there can be two main reasons behind this:

  • Software update did not let you read the database file of POS.
  • Corrupted Database.

Here are the solution steps that we are outlining if you have corrupted POS Database. If any update is introduced to your operating system and it has caused breakdown of your QuickBooks POS, follow these steps.

Method #1: Setup a direct connection between Desktop and POS Service.

  • Close you’re QuickBooks (POS) Point of Sale.
  • Go to the start button. Type MSC and then click on Enter.
  • Now, go to the Entitlement Services of QuickBooks
    • Double-Click on the services (If you find more than one services, click on the latest service or version.)
    • Now, select the Log-in option.
    • Click on Account of the Local System and then let Desktop and Service interact with each other.
    • Now, select Apply and then click on OK button.
    • The General Tab will tell you about the status.
      • If it is on start, its fine. If it is on stop, click on start.
    • Now, check the status of the company file. It should be in the Log-in state. Restart your QuickBooks now.
    • If it is not in Log-in state, you need to configure QBPOS Database Manager.
      • Now, select Database Manager X (It is the top enlisted Number)
      • Now, select the Log-in option.
      • Click on Local Account System and then let Desktop and Service interact with each other.
      • Select Apply and Ok.
    • Your QuickBooks Point of Sale will open now without any error.

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