QuickBooks Point of Sale Error 100060


While working with QuickBooks Point of Sale, at times you may encounter certain errors like the Error 100060. The occurrence of such errors can be causing you a lot of problems if it is not resolved.  But you need not worry as you can easily resolve these errors by performing certain steps.

This article aims to provide QuickBooks Point of Sale users with proper knowledge about Error 100060. You will also find recommended solution steps to resolve the error effectively.  So take time and carefully read through the content, so that you can successfully resolve your issue.

QuickBooks Point of Sale Error 100060 arises when your system is not able to create the needed account. You will also encounter Error 100060 while trying to perform Financial Exchange tasks.

The Error 100060 generally arises because of two specific reasons. They are:

  • When the Financial Transaction account which you attempt to create is activated in the QuickBooks Point of Sale.
  • When the user ID with which you attempted to access into QuickBooks is not approved with administrator’s permission.

How can you fix QuickBooks Point of Sale Error 100060?

For better result, carefully follow the steps given below to fix QuickBooks Point of Sale Error 100060.

Method 1: If you are experiencing the error because of the first reason mentioned above, attempt the following steps:

  • Go to QuickBooks Financial Software
  • Open Edit and select Preferences > Accounting
  • In the Company Preferences uncheck the Use account numbers box
  • Select the Ok button
  • Start the Financial Exchange process from the QuickBooks POS
  • Go to the Edit once more and click on Preferences > Accounting
  • Select the Company Preferences again and enable the Use account numbers
  • To end click on OK button

 Method 2:  If you are experiencing the error because of the second reason mentioned above, attempt the following steps:

  • Go to the POS Company preferences
  • Click on the Cancel option
  • Open your QuickBooks then go to the File and press on the Logoff/Company
  • Open the No Company Open Screen
  • Enter the company file as Administrator
  • Click on Window > Close All
  • Highlight the File then click on Preferences
  • Now go to the Financial Preferences Head and verify all the selected Accounts

Performing these above-given solutions you will be able to easily resolve the Error 100060. In case you find that the account still holds the bracket and experience difficulties to distinguish the right account, you will have to recreate a new account. For this, you have to log into the QuickBooks, select Chart of Account, and create a new account to your liking.

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