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How To Fix QuickBooks Premier Error (6000, 832)? - [Resolved]
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QuickBooks Premier Error (6000, 832)

QuickBooks Premier Error (6000, 832)

QuickBooks Premier Error (6000, 832) primarily occurs when you try to open, back up or restore your QuickBooks company file.

The reasons for this specific error could by many, however it primarily occurs when:

  • You try to convert your QuickBooks company file to its latest version over a network.
  • You miss some file while installing QuickBooks.
  • There is not enough permission for your network server
  • Your security software or firewall tries to block your QuickBooks files.
  • Your QuickBooks company file is damaged.
  • Various computers try to host QuickBooks company files.
  • You use a different version of QuickBooks- of your regional language.
  • The file extension of your QuickBooks file is either .qbm or .qbw.adr.

In order to fix the problem, below we have given different solutions. However, before attempting any solution, it is recommended to ensure that your version of QuickBooks is updated to its latest release.

To check your version of QuickBooks, press the F2 key on your keyboard. It will show you the version as well as the complete product description on the top left corner of the window.

How to fix QuickBooks Premier Error (6000, 832)

The solution to this problem actually depends on the kind of activity you were doing when the error occurred.

So choose accordingly and follow the steps carefully:

Situation One: you were trying to open QuickBooks company file located on a Windows server

There are two solutions that you can follow to fix the problem. For desired results, follow the solution in given order:

Download, install and run the QuickBooks File Doctor.

  1. On you computer, open QuickBooks Desktop,
  2. Then go toFile
  3. Choose
  4. After that from the list, in case you see:
    • Host Multi-User Access, the system is not hosting the QuickBooks company file and you switch on to the next computer.
    • Stop Hosting Multi-User Access, choose and after that:
      1. Click on Yes in the Stop hosting multi-user Access window.
      2. Now the Company file must be closed window. Once again click on Yes to continue. After that go to the next computer.
  • Update QuickBooks to its latest version.
  • Configure QuickBooks Desktop files for security software.
  • Make sure there is enough permission to access QuickBooks company file.
  • Scan QuickBooks company files.
  • Verify hosting on your systems.
  • Try opening QuickBooks company file from a different location.

Change the hosts file on your computer with appropriate IP address as well as name on the Windows Server.

Situation Two: you were trying to open your QuickBooks company file located on a Linux server

Below we have discussed various solutions that can help you fix the problem occurred due to this specific activity:

  • Mention the directory in the Initord.conf file and configure the Linux Databse Server Manager.
  • Ping the server:
    • Press Windows+R on your keyboard
    • In the Run command, enter CMD then click on
    • Now in the command prompt, enter Ping(Name of Linux Server).
    • Press Enter.
  • Change the hosts file on your computer with the appropriate IP address as well as the name on the Linux Server.
  • If your QuickBooks Desktop is opened, close it.
  • Press Windows+E on your keyboard.
  • The computer window will open. There on the right pane, double-click on Local Disc (C:).
  • Then go down and double-click on Windows
  • Again go down and double-click on System32
  • Then double-click on the driver’s folder and then on etc
  • Now open the host file with Notepad.
  • Change or add the exact IP address of the server after the last IP address listed.
  • Then press on the Tab key once.
  • Enter the name of the server.
  • Go to the File
  • Select Save.
  • Open the Quickbooks company file.
Need Professional Help?

Apart from the above-mentioned situations, this problem may occur when you try to create backup or restore your QuickBooks company file. In order to fix the problem, you can avail comprehensive QuickBooks technical supports services provided by AccountingErrors. Call us at 📞+ now.!

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  1. How can I restore the backup to fix the QuickBooks Premier error 6000 -832 because of a damaged company file?

    To restore the backup company file for resolving QuickBooks Premier error 6000 -832 in your account.

    Follow the steps to restore the backup file correctly:-

    1. Open QuickBooks Premier
    2. Now open the Company file
    3. Then click on File and further click on the Utilities option
    4. In this, select the option Stop Hosting Multi-User Access
    5. A message prompts up says Company File must be closed
    6. In the Prompt message box, click on the Yes button to continue
    7. Go to your Company File
    8. You have to copy the address of the company file
    9. Then restore the file.

  2. Do I have to check the folder permissions before hosting the file as I am getting error code 6000-832 while performing hosting; so what are the steps?

    1. Firstly, go to the folder  having your company files
    2. Then right-click on the folder and then select the Properties option from the list of options
    3. Go to the tab named Advanced
    4. Click on the QBDataServiceUserXX
    5. Then click on the Edit option
    6. Check that all the settings are Allowed
    — A. Create Files / Write Data
    — B. Create Folders / Append Data
    — C. List Folder / Read Data
    — D. Read Attributes
    — E. Read Extended Attributes
    — F. Read Permissions
    — G. Traverse Folder / Execute File
    — H. Write Attributes
    — I. Write Extended Attributes.

  3. What is the work of the QuickBooks File Doctor tool to fix QuickBooks Premier error 6000 -832?

    The QuickBooks File Doctor Tool is part of QuickBooks Tool Hub. Using QuickBooks File Doctor Tool helps you in identifying the problem in the company file automatically. After that, you can also fix the problems using the same tool by clicking on the Fix now. This fixes all the problems so that you can do your work smoothly and won’t face QuickBooks error 6000 -832.

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