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QuickBooks Printer Alignment Broken

QuickBooks Printer Alignment Broken

Documents will not be printed precisely if the printer has alignment issues. Images and text may print at an oblique angle or not at all. If there is any paper caught in the machine, the print cartridges are clogged or unclean, the cartridges are installed incorrectly, or you use low-quality cartridges, your printer may become misaligned.

Additionally, after completing a large print job, a printer’s alignment can become misaligned. To rectify an alignment problem or examine the machine and cartridges for a physical fault, use the Printers and Devices Alignment program in Windows or the printer’s software.

What does QuickBooks Printer Alignment Broken mean?

In simple terms, your printer is unable to correctly receive ink from the cartridges. While this may indicate what’s wrong with your printer, the truth is that this mistake might occur for a variety of causes, ranging from a lack of printing software to a hardware failure. While this may not seem like much, we’ll go over each of the various causes and solutions for this annoying problem.

Physical issues that may cause QuickBooks Printer Alignment Broken

  • Check to see whether the printer has any paper stuck in it. The printer cartridges may become misaligned as a result of the stuck paper. To solve the problem, remove all stuck paper completely.
  • Replace any print cartridges that are clogged or unclean with new ones. Dirty cartridges create streaks and blotting, which leads to misalignment.
  • Replace the printer’s cartridges with the new manufacturer’s cartridges. If the cartridges were made by a third party, it’s likely that they wouldn’t fit in the cartridge holder properly. Replace any cartridges that aren’t made by the printer’s manufacturer.

Troubleshooting that may help you to fix QuickBooks Printer Alignment Broken

Try the below troubleshooting steps for your Windows: 

  • Select “Devices and Printers” from the “Start” menu.
  • Select “Printing Preferences” from the pop-up menu after right-clicking on the printer you want to align.
  • Then click the “Align the Print Cartridges” icon under the “Services” page. An alignment test sheet is printed automatically by the printer.
  • To align the cartridges, follow the Alignment wizard’s instructions. 
  • Select the proper answers on the wizard that match to the test page’s results.
  • When the Alignment wizard is finished, click “Finish.”

Printer Software 

  • Select “Maintenance,” “Tools,” or “Utilities” from the printer’s software menu.
  • Then, on the “Alignment” or “Calibrate Printer” button, click “Alignment” or “Calibrate.” A sheet for alignment or calibration is printed.
  • To finish the alignment process, follow the calibration or alignment wizard’s instructions. At the end of the alignment process, click “Done” or “Finish.”

Try additional troubleshooting to fix QuickBooks Printer Alignment Broken 

To fix printer alignment issues while using quickbooks, you need to follow mentioned below steps:

Restart the printer if necessary

With this error, a hard reset is usually unnecessary. In certain circumstances, a simple printer reset will allow the printer to properly realign it, and you’ll be printing again in no time.

Ensure that the cartridges are correctly inserted

Whether you use tape or not, it is necessary to put the cartridge correctly. However, it won’t help you much but you make an attempt to do so. Not only are there a variety of angles to pick from, but the cartridge can occasionally not insert itself unless you push it all the way down (not too hard, since this will void the warranty).

Switch the printer off, double-check that the ink or toner cartridges are in the correct slots, and then turn it back on. If the printer is a little rough, you can try gently pressing the cartridge in a circular manner once it’s turned on.

Check that your cartridges are in good working order and that they are compatible with your printer

Typically, printer makers require that printers use the correct cartridge for the model of printer; if you believed you could get away with using ink cartridges designed for other models or even different printers, you were mistaken. Make sure your printer model is stated in your cartridge documentation. If it isn’t, you may have received the incorrect cartridges and will need to repurchase them.

Whatever happens, get a set of replacement cartridges (new or borrowed) to see if it’s a cartridge problem.

Start the re-calibration program

While you might start with this step as the first, following our troubleshooting procedures help you to remove all potential problems as you go. If this step fails, you’ll know that the problem isn’t a working printer that can’t read working cartridges, and you’ll be left with few options.

Navigate to the printers section either the Start menu (on Windows) or the Dock (on Mac), identify your model, and go to settings, regardless of your operating system. There will be a section labeled “Service your device” that may vary depending on the OS and model, and it should offer three options: Clean the print cartridges, calibrate the device, and align the printer. After you’ve completed all three, try printing again. In most circumstances, this resolves the problem; if it doesn’t, you’re dealing with a more significant problem.

Before sending the printer to a repair facility, clear all the drivers and try again

Before attempting again, you can delete any connected drivers from your computer and install the latest software as a final resort. However, there’s less possibility that this will help, as your printer is most likely having a hardware problem.


Your printer’s alignment is important to print your papers correctly. Your documents may appear faded, hazy, or indistinct when misalignment occurs. Keeping your equipment free of stuck paper and dirt is great for resolving such a problem. You should also inspect your device for physical harm from time to time. Moreover, you can implement the above-suggested solutions to fix the Printer Alignment Broken issue with ease. 


  1. How do I verify the template form before I start printing documents in QuickBooks?

    Start with opening QB followed by clicking on the Customers and then select Create Invoice. Next step is to browse the formatting and then select the option “Customize Data Layout”. Now, go to the “Basic Customization” tab >> Change the Font For. After that, click on the “Change Font” and then move to the “Font” option. In the end, hit the “Font Type”.

  2. What and all items must have the same font?

    The same font must be used for the company name, address, labels data, subtotal labels, and total labels. When printing from QuickBooks, this helps to avoid printer-related issues.

  3. What are the steps I need to follow for verifying the printer connectivity?

    The steps involved for verifying the printer connectivity are pretty simple and easy.

    You just perform the below steps:

    1. Open your QuickBooks software and then move to the File menu 
    2. Choose the “Printer Setup” from the File menu window 
    3. Choose any transaction to print 
    4. Compare the listed Printer Name to the name on the printer
    5. Check to see if the names are the same.

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