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QuickBooks Printing Issue : Printer Setup Not Opening or Not Working

QuickBooks Printer Setup Not Opening or Not Working

About QuickBooks Printer Setup Not Opening or Not Working

Error Name:Printer Setup Not Opening or Not WorkingDeveloper:Intuit Inc.
Error Description:“Printer Setup Not Opening” that usually appears due to the printer compatibility, likewise printer drivers not compatible with certain versions of QuickBooks.Software:QuickBooks
Cause:The XPS service that the printer uses to print has been damaged., Unsupported or missing printer drivers.Applies to:Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
Symptoms:QuickBooks Desktop won’t respond or work, Windows operating system got frezon.Possible Solution:Try to rename the Qbprint.qbp file, Set up your printer as a default in Windows.

The first thought that comes to mind when we see a printer error is that our printer has developed a problem. In some circumstances, though, such issues can be remedied by altering your Windows settings. One such issue is called “Printer Setup Not Opening” that usually appears due to the printer compatibility, likewise printer drivers not compatible with certain versions of QuickBooks. In the below write-up, we are going to discuss some troubleshooting that is pretty much accurate to mend the error related printer. 

What causes “Printer Setup Not Opening in QuickBooks” issues?

There are a variety of reasons why QuickBooks encounters issues when printing any document; some of these failures are caused by a misconfigured QuickBooks Desktop application, while others occur when essential Microsoft components fail.

The following is a list of causes for QuickBooks printing issues:

  • The QuickBooks Desktop application has restricted folder access permissions.
  • The XPS service that the printer uses to print has been damaged.
  • Unsupported or missing printer drivers.
  • The Windows User Access Permissions for XPS Document Writer are incorrect.
  • Damaged XPS Service that is used by the printer to print. 
  • Windows Print Spooler service is idle.
  • MSXML installation is corrupted or damaged.
  • The print process is being disrupted by an antivirus or firewall application.

Quick & Easy Approach to Fix Issue “QuickBooks Printer Setup Not Working”

There are few approaches that may assist you in resolving quickly with less effort such as; try to rename the Qbprint.qbp file, Set up your printer as a default in Windows, Download, Install, and Run the QuickBooks Print and PDF Repair Tool for Windows, Uninstall and reinstall QuickBooks Desktop. We have described each solution in details below:

Method One: Try to rename the Qbprint.qbp file

Qbprint is nothing but a file created by QuickBooks Desktop. Each form in QuickBooks Desktop has its own data line. It features a line for invoicing and another for diary entries and other items.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Start with finding the Qbprint.qbp file
  • Note that you may need to enable Windows to show hidden files in order to locate the file
    • Windows 10/8/7 and Vista: C:\ProgramData\Intuit\QuickBooks 20XX  (where 20XX represents the version of QuickBooks Desktop version that you use)
    • Server 2008 and Server 2012: C:\ProgramData\Intuit\QuickBooks YEAR and  C:\Users\**remote user**\AppData\Roaming\Intuit\ YEAR VERSION\TSPrinterSettings
Important Note: Terminal Service customers have reported finding multiple copies of the Qbprint file among the stored client data files; check all directories for strange instances.
  • Choose Rename from the drop-down menu when you right-click the Qbprint.qbp file in your QuickBooks Desktop version (For example, QBprint.old has the term “old” appended to it)
  • QuickBooks Desktop should now be open File and then Printer Setup are the options
  • In the Form Name drop-down list, select any transaction and then click Ok
  • After done with the above step, a new Qbprint.qbp file will be created
  • Finally, you can check whether you can open the printer setup.

Method Two: Set up your printer as a default in Windows 

  • To choose a default printer, select the Windows Start button >> Settings 
  • Next, move to the Devices >>> Printers & Scanners
  • After that, choose a printer followed by selecting the “Manage” tab 
  • Now, you have to select the option called “Set as default” 
  • In case, you see “Let Windows manage my default printer” option selected 
  • Then you’re supposed to deselect the same before you choose a default printer option on your own.

In Windows 10

Your default can be the printer you used the last time and to turn it on this mode, perform the below steps:

  • First, open the Windows Start menu and select Settings 
  • Next, go to the Devices >>> Printers & Scanners 
  • In the end, choose the checkbox next to the “Let Windows manage by default printer”.

Method Three: Download, Install, and Run the QuickBooks Print and PDF Repair Tool for Windows 

  • The first step is to download the QuickBooks Print and Repair Tool
  • You can also download QB Print Repair Tool by downloading and running QuickBooks Tools Hub
  • Before using the QuickBooks Print and PDF repair tool, make sure your QuickBooks Desktop program is up to date
  • After you’ve downloaded the file, go to your computer’s downloads folder or click CTRL + J in your browser
  • Turn on your printer and check that it can connect to your computer
  • Look in the downloads folder for the QuickBooksToolHub.exe program
  • Choose “Run as an Administrator” from the context menu when you right-click the file
  • Complete the installation by following the on-screen instructions
  • Use the QuickBooks Tool Hub to run the program by double-clicking on the icon
  • Select QuickBooks Print and PDF Repair Tool from the Program Problems tab
  • The application will now scan all of the components involved in the printing process and present the command prompt window on your screen
  • Wait for the app to scan for errors until the command “Added Printer Driver Microsoft XPS Document Writer, Ending QuickBooks Processes in the background…” comes on your screen
  • The command prompt window will be closed immediately after the QuickBooks PDF and Print repair tool has finished correcting the issues
  • Finally, attempt printing any document using QuickBooks after restarting your computer.

Method Four: Uninstall and reinstall QuickBooks Desktop 

Before we get into the procedures for uninstalling QuickBooks Desktop, you might be wondering, “Will uninstalling QuickBooks remove the company file that I saved on my computer?” No, that is not the case. QuickBooks does not remove your company files from your computer when you uninstall it. Only the QuickBooks program will be removed. However, creating a local backup is always a smart idea as a precaution.

Step 1: Uninstall your QuickBooks Desktop 

To uninstall QuickBooks Desktop, follow these steps from Intuit:

  • Launch the Start menu in Windows
  • Then launch the Control Panel by searching for it
  • Uninstall a program or choose Programs and Features
  • Select the version of QuickBooks Desktop that is causing you troubles from the list of installed programs
  • Remove after selecting Uninstall/Change and then “Next” should be chosen
  • Sign out of Windows and back in as an administrator if you don’t see this option (or a user with admin rights).

Step 2: Reinstall your QuickBooks Desktop 

You can reinstall QuickBooks by inserting the disc into your computer and following the wizard setup instructions.

  • QuickBooks can also be reinstalled without the need of an installation DVD
  • Download your QuickBooks version by visiting
  • Save the download file somewhere you’ll be able to readily find it when you’re ready to run and install it

After you’ve downloaded it, follow these steps from Intuit:

  • To run QuickBooks, double-click the executable file you downloaded (QuickBooks.exe)
  • Accept the license agreement by following the onscreen instructions
  • After that, “Next” should be pressed
  • Push Next after entering the product and license number
  • By opening the application, you can activate QuickBooks
  • Select Activate QuickBooks Desktop from the Help menu.
  • At last, you have to verify the information by performing on-screen instructions. 

Winding Up!

It’s really easy to fix the “Printer Setup Not Opening” error. The procedure we just described may appear lengthy or complicated at first appearance, but it can be performed in a matter of minutes and the results are permanent.


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