QuickBooks Pro 2018 with Enhanced Payroll

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QuickBooks Pro 2018 is the latest version launched by QuickBooks for Desktop editions in Canada, US and UK. It makes the your life simple by keeping track of clients and vendors. It is built with new enhanced features and improvised the previous features in accordance with the QuickBooks users contentment. Advantages of using QuickBooks Pro 2018 with Enhanced Payroll.

QuickBooks Pro 2018 with Enhanced Payroll

  • QuickBooks Desktop Pro helps with organizing business finances in just one place.
  • It is user-friendly and setup is simple.
  • Your invoices will always be up-to-date. Your expenses will be tracked and managed.
  • It has in-built tutorials which will help you in creating invoices and recording expenses along with many more things.
  • It will help in boosting your work with multiple monitors supports and auto-stamped invoices.
  • Enhanced Payroll will help you in creating unlimited paychecks and direct deposits can be made for your employees that to free of cost.
  • Now you can easily pay and file payroll taxes and print W2 forms electronically.

This new software will help in managing your business as it organizes your finance. You can easily import data from spreadsheets and create invoices. With these advantages, it also has many enhanced features like:

  • Multi-Monitor Support: Intuit has introduced this new feature through which you can easily work with multiple monitors now.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts: You can now copy and paste data in invoices from your keyboard. By using such shortcuts you can now save some time and maintain accurate documents.
  • Search in Chart Accounts: You can now easily search for any accounts by just mentioning account number or name of that person in search bar.
  • Toggle between Cash/Accrual: This new advanced feature which is introduced in latest version of QuickBooks 2018. By using this option you can easily switch between Cash and Accrual of your financial reports.
  • Past Due Stamp: If you will send or resend copies of past due invoices to your customers, this feature will make sure that they understand they are past due invoices. It is very flexible.
  • Inventory Report Improvements: you can now modify your invoices according to your needs. You can add columns and filters to your inventory reports.
  • Secure Webmail Support: QuickBooks is now more secure. It is now integrated with web-mail in a very secured way that your data is now completely safe.
  • Internet Explorer: It is mandatory that you have Internet Explorer 11 installed in your system. It is incorporated with QuickBooks in such a way that you can enjoy all benefits of QB if you are using Internet Explorer 11.


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Now enjoy working with QuickBooks Pro 2018 and enjoy the benefits of enhanced Payroll along with many others. So upgrade your software to new QuickBooks Pro 2018 as soon as you can. If you have any query regarding software or have any troubles in upgrading it, kindly contact QuickBooks customer support by calling on their toll free number +1-800-816-6849. You can also visit their website www.bigxperts.com.

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