QuickBooks Reports 2018


QuickBooks accounting software has many exceptional features that are included in it. QuickBooks reports is an amazing feature which has the option of creating customized reports according to your requirement. You can easily combine reports effortlessly from a number of company files that are installed in your computer system. You can combine your reports using various tools like:

QuickBooks Reports 2018

Trial Balance
Balance sheet Standard
Statement of Cash Flows
Profit & Loss by Standard
Balance Sheet Summary

But, before combining the reports you should keep some points in your mind. These points are listed below:

    • The Charts of Accounts tool in most of the company files should be nearly identical, so that the combine reports are easy to read.
    • These accounts are then combined, in case, they have same type, name and are categorized in the same order level for each report.
    • Here is a list of accounts that cannot be combined:

o Accounts that are placed in different levels
o Difference in spellings
o Different account numbers
o One without account number and the other with an account number.

  • If any account is filed by type.
  • Switch to multi-user channel and log in to the files, so it is easy to accommodate in the combination of routines.

Here are some methods that are listed below in order to combine the two or more reports.

Method I:

    • • Go to QuickBooks Reports menu.
      • Click on the Combine Reports from Multiple Companies.
      • Go to the Add Files options and browse for another

QuickBooks company files

• then click on Open option.

      • • Repeat the same process for the other files that are to be combined for the reports.
      • • Go to the Select reports for combining section, click on the reports that are to be combined.
      • • Enter the From and To field with the dates to set the date range for your reports.
      • • Choose your report basis.
      • • Press the Combine Reports from Microsoft Excel section in the QuickBooks reports.

• The Excel spreadsheet opens up on your screen with the combined details.

Method II: Using the Third Party application

There are various applications that are available online and can be used for creating the combined reports that are developed from the multiple company data files.

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By following the steps mentioned above, you can easily combine two or more date files for your QuickBooks reports. While carrying out the process, if you have some issues or you are unable to complete this process of combining files, then you should seek help from technical of QuickBooks. One such third-party for QuickBooks is “BigXperts”. If you want to get in touch with them, then you should give a call on their 24*7 toll-free number +1-800-816-6849 and they will immediately come to your assistance. You can also visit their official website and request for Live Chat option for assistance.

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