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QuickBooks won’t accept license number/product number

Is it possible to use QuickBooks if it does not accept the license number or the product number? Well, there is nothing you can do with QuickBooks if it doesn’t accept the license number or the product number. In fact, your license or product number is the key to entering or using QuickBooks. And, if your license or product number is not being accepted by QuickBooks, it is really embarrassing. Moreover, the embarrassment may soon turn into frustration if you fail to find the solution.

However, there is no need to panic as the issue is not unsolvable. You can try a few troubleshooting links and resolve the issue.

Troubleshooting methods for the license number or product number

It is not at all difficult to fix this issue. You can learn some useful fixes here and resolve the issue all by yourself:

Incorrect License or Product :

One of the reasons for QuickBooks not accepting the license or product number is the entry of the incorrect number. It is possible that you are entering the incorrect number. So, it is important that you enter the correct number and see if it is accepted. For ensuring the correct license or product number, you are required to find the email that was sent to you in the beginning when you placed an online or telephonic order. For this, you can use the ‘License Look-Up Tool’. Sometimes, the codes received with the shipping order may be incorrect and you should find the number in the email sent by Intuit. If the problem still persists, you can move on to the next fix.

Select ‘Yes to All’:

Do you see the message –Overwrite Protection: The following file is already on your computer. Do you wish to overwrite this file?’ If yes, you are required to click ‘Yes to All’.

Follow the right procedure depending upon the installation source: Whether you are downloading and installing QuickBooks from the QuickBooks support websites or using the installation CD, it is required that you use the right procedure. Again, in the case of ‘Overwrite protection…..’ message, you need to choose the ‘Yes to All’.

Ensure the installation wizard’s date and version match it: QuickBooks will not accept if the license number if it is meant for some different years. The license number intended for installing the 2015 version would not be accepted for installing the 2017 version.

Check other items:

  • Use the numbers on the top of the keyboard instead of the numbers from an external device or number pad.
  • Ensure that the time and date settings in the Windows are fully correct.
  • Make sure that your computer meets the minimum requirements for installing QuickBooks.
  • If you are using Windows, it is required that you have the Admin level user permission. You have no admin level permission; you should log in with other users that have the admin level permission.

Other Methods to Fix The Quickbooks Won’t Accept The Product Number/License Number

1. Method One: Update QuickBooks Desktop software

  • Close all the programs and applications including QuickBooks Desktop
  • Go to the QuickBooks icon
  • Then right-click on icon and choose Run as Administrator
  • On the No Company Open Screen, click on the Help menu
  • Further, select the option Update QuickBooks Desktop
  • Click on Options then click the Mark All
  • After that, hit on Save button
  • Go to the Update Now then click on checkbox Reset Update
  • In the end, click on the Get Updates and when it is finished
  • Close and open the QuickBooks software and install the updates.

2. Method Two: Check the Date and Time into your computer

  • On your desktop
  • Go to the bottom right side of screen
  • Where you see the date and time display
  • Right-click on it and then select the option Adjust Date/Time
  • Check the settings of Date and Time according to your time zone
  • If not correct then correct it
  • Go to the tab Date and Time and set it according to your current date and time
  • After that, you are done with it
  • Click on Apply button then click the OK button
  • Open the QuickBooks Desktop
  • Then click on Help menu option
  • Choose Activate QuickBooks
  • Start the Activation
  • Mention the product number or license number
  • Then click on Next and you are done.

3. Method Three: Create the new user of Windows

  1. You have to add new Windows user with admin rights
  2. When the user is created 
  3. Then sign out of Windows and again log in using that new user account or you can also switch to that user
  4. Now install and activate the QuickBooks Desktop.

4. Method Four: Clean Install QuickBooks Desktop

  • Firstly, uninstall the QuickBooks Desktop properly
    • Open Control Panel
    • Click on Program or Programs and Features
    • From the list of Programs
    • Search and select the QuickBooks Desktop
    • Right-click on it and select option Uninstall/Change
    • Follow the steps shown in the uninstall wizard window.
  • Then reinstall the QuickBooks Desktop using proper steps
    1. Go to the downloaded file
    2. Then double-click on the file to start the installation
    3. Follow the steps shown to you on screen
    4. After that, click on Finish in the end.
  • Open QuickBooks software
    1. Go to the QuickBooks desktop icon
    2. Right-click on it
    3. Then from options select Run as Administrator.
  • After that, activate it using the license key or product key.

5. Method Five: Reactivate the MSXML into your computer

  • Open the Run window
  • Then type CMD and press Enter button
  • The CMD window opens up
  • If you have a 64-bit operating system then type cdwindowssyswow64 and press Enter. But if you have a 32-bit operating system then skip this step
  • Now type regsvr86 MSXML4.dll for 64-bit system and regsvr32 MSXML4.dll for 32-bit system and press Enter button
  • Again, type regsvr86 MSXML6.dll for 64-bit system and regsvr32 MSXML6.dll for 32-bit system and press Enter button
  • Now open QuickBooks and try to enter the license or product number.

6. Method Six: Run the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

  • First of all, download the QuickBooks Tool Hub
  • Then do the installation
  • After that, open the tool
  • Select the installation issues option
  • Then tool diagnosis the problem and took few minutes
  • When it is done you have to restart the computer
  • Restart the QuickBooks software also
  • Now, try to activate the software by entering the license number or product number.


The troubleshooting methods are useful to fix the incorrect license or product number issue. However, you should not hesitate to access the support of the QuickBooks customer support professionals.


  1. How can I reactivate MSXML into my computer for QuickBooks won’t accept license number and product number?

    1. Open the Run window into your system
    2. Type the CMD to open the Command Prompt and press Enter button
    3. The CMD window opens up
    4. In this, type regsvr32 MSXML4.dll
    5. Then press Enter button
    6. Again, type regsvr32 MSXML6.dll
    7. Then press the Enter button again.

  2. How to create a new Windows user with Admin rights to fix QuickBooks won’t accept license number and product number?

    1. In your Windows desktop
    2. Search for Windows Small Business Server
    3. Under this, select the Windows SBS Console
    4. Click on the Users and Groups
    5. Now, select the option Add a new user account
    6. Fill all the information about the user as required
    7. Then follow the steps in the Wizard of Add new user account
    8. Give all the admin rights to the new user
    9. After this, when you are done, click on the Finish button.

  3. How to activate the QuickBooks software to resolve the QuickBooks won’t accept license number and product number?

    1. In QuickBooks Desktop software
    2. Go to the Help menu
    3. Then select the option Activate QuickBooks Desktop
    4. You have to follow the steps that are displaying on your screen
    5. This helps you to verify your information and you are done.

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