How To Resolve Quickbooks Won’t Open Issue?


QuickBooks has almost taken the business world by storm and more and more people are availing its benefits every passing day. However, one of the most common issues they face is the Quickbooks Won’t Open or Quickbooks Won’t Open the company file issue. You may have also faced such issues and needless to say that the same may have been quite frustrating at times. 

Your worries are about to go for a toss! Yes, we will tell you some easy methods to resolve the QuickBooks Desktop Doesn’t Start or Won’t Open issue. Just go through this blog!

Any idea why you are Facing the Quickbooks Won’t Open Issue in the First Place?

Well, there can be multiple reasons why you are countering this issue. The company file may not be opening due to any of the following reasons-

  • The company file may have got damaged or corrupted for some reason or other
  • A wrong method may have been applied to open the file
  • The file may have been left in ‘open’ state on another system on a multi-user network
  • Some issue has been reported with the company file.
  • You may have been using an outdated version of the QuickBooks software
  • The  name you are using for your company file may be too long

You should keep all the above-mentioned points in mind while accessing the company file in QuickBooks application.

Easy Methods to Resolve the Quickbooks Won’t Open issue

Here are some of the easiest solutions of this issue-

Solution 1: Check if the QBW32.exe Process is Running  and Close it

First things first! You should check if the QBW32.exe file is running in your windows operating system. To do this, right click on the Windows taskbar. Select “ Start Task Manager”. Then click the “ Processes” tab . For convenience, click the header “Image Name” and arrange the processes alphabetically.  From this list, locate the QBW32.exe file. Click “ End Process” to close the file.  Next time when you open the Company file in QuickBooks, you will not see any error message and the file will open up smoothly.

Solution 2: Suppress or Remove the QuickBooks Application

Sometimes, you may counter the Quickbooks Won’t Open issue if your company file gets damaged or corrupted for some reason or other. The QuickBooks application may try to open the damaged file unsuccessfully and this is the reason why you end up getting the error message. This issue will get resolved if you suppress or remove the application.

To do this, please press and hold the Control Key. Then double click the “QuickBooks Desktop“ icon.  Make sure not to release the Control key on the keyboard till the “No Company Open “ window appears on your screen. Otherwise, the QuickBooks application will either freeze or an error message will appear on your screen.  Next, select the appropriate company file and click “Open”.  The file should open smoothly from now onwards.

Solution 3: Restart the Desktop

When you restart your desktop, the entire system will get started from scratch again . Also, the present troublesome state of the application will be swiped away by the system. If you open your QuickBooks application after restarting the desktop, it should open without giving you any more trouble.

Solution 4: Try to re-register QuickBook Components again

 Sometimes, you may counter the Quickbooks Won’t Open issue if the software is not a registered one. If it is not a registered version, register it first. Hopefully, the error message will cease to appear.

How to Check if  QuickBooks is Registered or not?

Please execute the following steps-

  • Open the QuickBooks application
  • Press F2. The QuickBooks Product Information window will open up
  • Look towards the right of the product license number. You will see the registration number if the product is registered already.
What to do if the product is not registered?
  • Close the product information window by clicking ‘OK’ on your screen
  • Go to ‘Help’
  • Choose ‘Activate QuickBooks
  • Follow the instruction appearing on your screen carefully. Verify the information to complete the process of activation.

Solution 5: Move the Company File to an alternate location

If your company file is currently placed in the network drive, make a copy of it in the local drive of your system. Do the troubleshooting in the network configuration in the file placed in the local drive. You can also download the QuickBooks File Doctor application and run the same to get some additional help in this process.

Please follow the steps mentioned below to complete this process-

  • Go to the C drive in your system and create a new folder
  • Now open the folder where the company file has been saved
  • Press and  hold the Control key in your key board for some time. Now select the company file and the particular .TLG file for your company file
  • Right click on the file and click ‘Copy’.
  • Open the folder you have just created. Right click and select ‘paste’ to move the .TLG file to this folder.

Solution 6: Rename the .ND and .TLG extension

Sometimes, when you create a file and save it with a longish name, it may create trouble while opening.  Hence, shortening the file name by renaming the .ND and .TLG extension can help. Here is the procedure to do this-

  • Open the QuickBooks application
  • Open the folder where the company file has been saved
  • Find out the transaction log file
  • Rename it to [company file name] OLD. qbw.TLG.  The sane process should be followed to rename the .ND file as well.
  • Now try opening the company file again. It should open without any hiccups.

All of the remedies discussed above are simple yet effective ones. You just need to provide a couple of minutes of your schedule and go through the procedure. Fix the Quickbooks Won’t Open issue once and for all and thank us later!

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