How to Reconcile QuickBooks Desktop


How to reconcile QuickBooks desktop

When you are working on your QuickBooks software, there is an option of Reconcile an account in QuickBooks Desktop. The reconciliation of accounts in QuickBooks desktop is very similar to the balancing the amount through checkbooks. This procedure generally ensures that everything is recorded for the QuickBooks software and all the data regarding your finances are completely accurate Reconcile an account in QuickBooks Desktop.

To reconcile the account in QuickBooks, you should follow the steps mentioned below:


Reconcile an account in QuickBooks Desktop

To navigate the Reconcile menu

You will have to go to home screen and then select the Gear menu that is present below the column heading Tools. Then, you will have to press the Reconcile Tab.

Select your account

From the Reconcile window, select the account that you want to reconcile from the menu options that are available. As, you have selected your account, press Reconcile Now option.

Type in the Bank Statement Details

Check for the copy of the bank statement from the accounts that you are reconciling with the QuickBooks application. Note down the Statement End Date and the Ending balance amount in the section required. Go back to the QuickBooks homepage window and check for Reconcile window. There you will have to enter the Statement End Date in the calendar drop-down menu. Now, you will have to enter the Ending Balance for your statement in the Reconciliation window. Press OK.

Matching the Expenses

now, you will have to follow the transaction history from the bank statement. Go to Reconcile window and match the transaction from the bank statement with the items that are mentioned in the list. Click on the checkbox on the reconciliation window, if you click on some other place then it will be hard for you to find your way back to the transaction in Reconciliation window.

Complete your Reconciliation

If your difference value is Zero then press Finish Now option.

Verify the Reconciliation Report

From the Reconciliation window, check the reconciliation that you have entered. Press on the detail window for review purpose. Press Run report to check the detailed report about reconciliation. Press Print option to print your reconciliation report copy and attach it to the bank statement. You can also print additional copies to give it to your accountant or save for record purpose for tax time.

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