Resolve QuickBooks Error Code -6131,0

by Daniel

Sometimes you might be compelled to stop working on your QuickBooks software because you are getting a problem like a QuickBooks Error Code 6131, 0. Such kind of incidents can be irritating, hence, you should quickly find out a solution for it. Lot many times, you would be able to quickly find out a fix for any QuickBooks trouble, as most of them are easy to solve like this one. This is the reason that has made QuickBooks a powerhouse. A perfect tool for people who wish to work on their accounts in a more streamlined and focused manner.

QuickBooks Error Code -6131,0


Talking about the QuickBooks tech errors, you always have to option to call our QuickBooks tech helpline, the number is +1-800-816-6849. Digging deep in the QuickBooks Error Code 6131, 0, we will have to first look into the causes of this problem.


Error 6123, 0 mostly shows up when the user is trying to either upgrade or open the company file. In order to fix the error, you may have to troubleshoot the network settings or the QuickBooks data. Here are some other causes of the problem:

  • While restoring a backup straightaway from the removable drive or any other storage device
  • In case the title workstation which is hosting the file was been modified while hosting was still on
  • Broken or damaged network linkage specifically with the host workstation
  • Corrupted or damaged QB Desktop data file as well as the program files
  • If the company file is corrupted or damaged
  • A plenty of QuickBooks Database Services are open together in the workstation
  • Some of the firewall set ups are preventing the QB Desktop files from using the required ports
  • There is problem with the Windows user

How to fix it?

  • The best to fix it is by downloading the latest edition again to swap it with the bad update installer.
  • Hit the OK button in order to end the error message.
  • Reboot the QuickBooks software, and hit Install Later, which is there in the Update Service window.
  • Select the Help menu, and there you would have to click on Update QuickBooks.
  • You would have to hit the Update Now tab in order to get going with the update
  • Click on the Reset Updates, and there hit the Get Updates option.
  • Hit the OK button which is there in the Update QuickBooks window. This will automatically reset the update.
  • After the update has been successfully done, Get Updates option may show up again
  • However, you would have to just exit it, and reboot the QB software
  • Select the Install Now option which is there in the Update Service window in order to continue the update.

Resolved the error? Starting working on QB again? If no, then we are here to help! Call our QuickBooks technical helpdesk: +1-800-816-6849. to talk to our Bigxperts QuickBooks technical support team to get dedicated attention.

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