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Resolve unexpected errors when opening POS QuickBooks

Unexpected errors often encounter when you start processing a transaction or open a POS QuickBooks. There can be several causes behind such errors. The most common reason is when your system is not meeting the needed requirements. This article explains how to resolve unexpected errors when opening POS QuickBooks effectively.

Descriptions of the unexpected errors:

Following are the error message that displays while opening POS:

  • An Unexpected error happened, please restart Point of Sale. Exception from HRESULT: 0x88980406
  • Unable to open the program through the Point of Sale icon
  • Error: QBPOSShell has stopped working
  • An Unexpected error happened. The error is: Value cannot be null. Parameter: s
  • Error 100 database server not found “08w01.”
  • Error: 176120 invalid license key status, key denied
  • Configuration system failed to initialize

Why is this unexpected error happening?

  • Incompatible system requirement
  • Not executing a point of Sale Database Manager
  • Installation of Microsoft.NET framework is Corrupted or not properly

How to fix unexpected errors when opening the point of sale?

Solution 1- Verify Point of Sale updates are installed:

Before resolving an issue and finishing the update process, you might require renaming the folder named Intuit Entitlement Client folder. To perform this, follow the steps:

  • Open QuickBooks and locate product updates page
  • Ensure point of sale is chosen as your product
  • Proceed by following the manual instructions:
  • Locate Help option and Click Software Update
  • Choose Check for Updates. If found, the option will appears
  • Click Update Now and then Hit on OK
  • Reboot the system

Solution 2- Attempt a new Windows user:

  • Locate the Windows Start button, enter User Accounts in the search box, and then click Enter.
  • Choose to Manage user accounts, and then hit on Manage another account.
  • Select Create a new account and give a new name.
  • Select Administrator for user type.
  • Log-off Windows
  • Sign in as the newly created user
  • Attempt to open Point of Sale again

Solution 3 – Restart QBPOSShell and Verify Compatibility:

  • Close Point of Sale window
  • Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete from the associated keyboard
  • If needed, open Task manager
  • Choose the Processes option and hit on the Image Name column title to search it alphabetically.
  • Navigate QBPOSShell.exe and right-click on it, and then choose End Process.
  • In case there displays multiple QBPOSShell, follow the below-given steps to resolve Compatibility with Windows:
  • Close Task Manager
  • Again open Point of Sale and start Troubleshooting Compatibility
  • Navigate point of sale icon and right-click on it and then click on Troubleshoot compatibility
  • Hit on Try recommendation settings and then follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Once finished, reboot your system and then open Point of Sale.

Solution 4 – Repair by reinstalling .Net framework and QuickBooks Point of Sale:

  • Uninstall QuickBooks Point of Sale and .NET Framework 4.0 and 4.5. by the following steps:
  • Locate Programs & Features window of your system
  • Choose Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 (or 4.5)
  • Click on Uninstall, and then proceed with Next.
  • Follow the on-screen instruction and then reinstall it
  • To Install .NET Framework 4.5 follow the steps:
  • Download .NET Framework 4.5 from Microsoft’s website
  • Save the file on the preferred location
  • Double-click on the file
  • Follow the instructions displaying on the screen to install it
  • Don’t forget to restart the system after installation
  • Repeat the steps of installation to Reinstall Point of Sale.
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