Sage 100 Contractor Software

Sage 100 Contractor software

5 Reasons to Choose Sage 100 Contractor Hosting

Sage 100 Contractor software, as the name suggests, is designed specifically for contractors to help optimize their day-to-day operations. The main contractor is responsible for the on-field tasks related to a construction project.

Sage 100 Contractor Hosting Overview

Planned in light of contractual workers’ needs, Sage 100 Contractor (once in the past Sage Master Builder) encourages you to deal with your day by day activities easily. This version of Sage is ideal for organizations searching for progressively specific bookkeeping programming that can deal with errands related to the whole development and homebuilder cycle, such as bookkeeping, venture the board, work costing, assessing and that’s just the beginning.

By and large, from gauge to finish, Sage 100 Contractor will enable you to augment proficiency through all phases of your contracting business forms. Far and away superior? Facilitating your product in the cloud with Summit Hosting can take your undertaking asset arranging with Sage 100 Contractor to considerably more noteworthy statures. How? We evacuate IT migraines (counting security and infection assurance) and overhead equipment costs while improving remote availability for a reasonable low for every client, every month charge. You additionally have the alternative to utilize it with other Sage items, similar to Sage Estimating, or incorporate outsider applications; and, you’ll never must be worried about sharing assets! Not at all like the other facilitating suppliers, we just give devoted servers exceptionally worked by our in-house system architects to our clients.

Why Choose Summit For Sage 100 Contractor Hosting?

As one of the top Sage clouds facilitating suppliers in both the US and Canada, you can have confidence knowing you’re in great hands with Summit Hosting. How? We’ve been driving the route in distributed computing with demonstrated advancements, techniques and administrations for more than 10 years; and we’re devoted to fitting our items to the particular needs of your organization to further upgrade your development and achievement.  With regards to Sage 100 Contractor, our establishments are strong. We have over a time of experience helping organizations prevail by facilitating the business’ most gainful bookkeeping programming for designers, draftsmen, ace developers, temporary workers, and subcontractors. Facilitating in the cloud enables you to work any place the activity takes you, from the workplace to the place of work.

1. Multi-Device Capabilities

Facilitating Sage 100 Contractor on the cloud empowers you to get to your product from any remote area on the globe whenever of the day. In the regular situation, the Sage 100 Contractor can be introduced on a solitary framework that you can use to get to your records, solicitations, orders, and so forth. The information is put away on the framework and can be gotten to through the gadget as it were. In any case, in the cloud facilitating situation, you can have continuous access to your information from any gadget whenever. As the information, just as the product itself, is facilitated on a remote cloud server, you can utilize cell phones like workstations, cell phones, or tablets to get to your information. These gadgets are required uniquely to interface with the cloud server. Subsequently, there are no stage or OS confinements. You simply need a gadget with an Internet association with access to your product. As the information can be gotten to from anyplace, you can monitor the undertaking status even while voyaging or wiped out at home. The capacity to work remotely lessens pressure and improves efficiency. Sage 100 Contractor cloud facilitating empowers BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and lessens equipment reliance.

2. Secure Environment

As talked about in the presentation, the Sage 100 Contractor is liable for numerous capacities that include the entrance to basic information like representative data, venture subtleties, buy orders, installment data, and employment cost reports, just to give some examples.  Clearly! The information is profoundly secret and indispensable to the development venture. The cloud facilitating suppliers organize the information security angle as they are very much aware of its criticality. They convey high-security models, best in class hardware, and propelled security shields to keep your information secure. A portion of these strategies incorporate multifaceted confirmation, get to control, information encryption, Intrusion Prevention, and Detection System, among others.

3. Round-the-clock Support 24*7

Devoted client care is basic for the best possible working of any procedure. On the off chance that you are utilizing the product on the nearby arrangement, and face any issues with respect to the openness, stockpiling, or execution of the product, the IT division gets reached right away. In any case, it is exorbitant and careful to keep an IT group working on an all day, every day premise.  A progressively doable alternative is to decide on a cloud facilitating supplier that ideas nonstop help to the clients. For example, Sage 100 Contractor Support Cloud Hosting offers devoted every minute of every day/365 help to every one of the clients.  It suggests that at whatever point there is an issue with the Sage 100 Contractor Support +1-800-816-6849 facilitating, the client care administrators will be accessible to determine your issues.


The skilled cloud facilitating suppliers offer a fast reaction time to your inquiries so that there is no slack in your undertaking related errands.

4. High Scalability

Each gadget accompanies its fixed determinations, for example, RAM, processor or capacity. When you introduce Sage 100 Contractor programming on the neighborhood gadget, the detail ought to be adept for the product. The framework particulars can be refreshed, however it requires the dreary undertaking of manual substitution of equipment.  While, facilitating Sage 100 Contractor on the cloud represents no such problems. The cloud condition is a very adaptable one and can be scaled up or down according to your necessity. Consequently, if your product requires a RAM redesign, it tends to be included quickly. The equivalent goes for capacity and the quantity of clients.

5. Multi-User Collaboration

Sage 100 Contractor cloud hosting facilitating engages different clients to work with one another on a similar venture at the same time. As a contractual worker, you have to share data as archives with partners and representatives. Besides, the workers additionally need to refresh the status of the errands.

The primary contractual worker frequently assigns a portion of the errands to sub-temporary workers and anticipates that the undertaking should be finished in the settled upon time. With Sage 100 Contractor facilitating, the entrance of the remote server can be given to different clients for them to share documents continuously.

Cloud environment offers you the level of security, scalability, and accessibility that the local setup cannot. You can access the Sage 100 Contractor software from multiple devices without the fear of your data getting lost.

Our Support Channel for Sage 50 Troubleshooting

We understand that following the researching method is only significant if you are proficient with advancement and fit for doing it in solitude. This is the reason we have amassed a specific care group of beneficial and certified specialists at Sage 50 Technical support Phone Number +1-800-816-6849 to comprehend your request inside minutes with ground-breaking particular gadgets and strategies. Call us at Sage 100 Contractor software Support +1-800-816-6849 to experience our existence class specialized help at the most moderate market cost for each issue in Sage 100.