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Sage – 10 New Features of Sage 50 2021 Accounting

10 New Features of Sage 50 2021 Accounting: Sage 50 2021 Designed to help you to run your business with ease, Sage 50 released its new U.S version 2021.0 with automatically delivered software updates and ongoing support and service. It is the most trusted accounting software which is pretty simple to use. Sage 50 mainly focuses on what matters to you the most- time and money. Sage’s new effortless features and advanced budgeting tools help you streamline your business processes with much secure, automatic bank feeds, and reduce manual work and errors to save your time and money as well. In this blog post, you’ll come to know about Sage 50 2021 new features and improvements that have been added in this new version of Sage.

10 New Features of Sage 50 2021 Accounting

10 New Features of Sage 50 2021 Accounting

Get more enhanced features and other quality-of-life improvements to enhance your experience and perform your business accounting activities at ease now with Sage 50 2021 version.

Sage 50 2021 Accounting New Feature – Remote Data Access

Sage Remote Data Access

It is one of the most innovative new features that offer you convenient data access to your company from anywhere, anytime; it is only required that you have installed the Sage 50 on that particular device. With remote data access, you can stay more productive on-the-go or at home as well. It avoids your data loss with risky storing or transferring of data to a USB or any other removable drive.

Sage 50 2021 Accounting New Feature – Enhanced Gmail Security

Sage 50 2021 - Enhanced Gmail Security

Integration with Gmail has been modified to follow the latest security requirements established by Google. Sage guarantees its users for strict security and safety requirements using Gmail as per their email application.

System Requirements: Sage 50—U.S. Edition 2021

To access all of your connected services with a single login

Sage 50 2021 - Enhanced Gmail Security

Sage ID makes it much simpler for you to access data remotely, connect your bank, add customer payment, and share company data options. Sage ID is a single username that enables you to securely access the linked Sage 50cloud subscription services that are available. With your Sage ID, you can easily authenticate connected services without entering emails and passwords for the specific connected services including Bank Feeds, Remote Data Access, or Invoice Payments.

New mouseover text for fields provides additional information

You can turn your mouse over the field in transaction windows with work/job fields and item to see the entire work/job ID or item as well as any cost codes and phase/assemblies associated with the item or work/job ID. Using this enhanced function, you can turn over Item or Job ID fields to see the information in a popup instead of having to open each transaction only to see the information.

Sage 50 2021 Accounting New Feature – Auto Entry

This feature makes it easy for business owners, bookkeepers, accountants to reduce manual data entry activities involving invoices, expenses, bills, payments, bank statements, and receipts. Users can easily integrate Sage 50 cloud with Auto Entry to enable automated manual data entry to eliminate stressful tasks and save time so that tasks can be done before deadlines. It also improves data accuracy while capturing full line items such as description, unit price, and quantity. Auto Entry helps more than 3000 accountants’ service 150,000 businesses with automated data entry.

Sage Drive renamed Remote Data Access

New name, same convenient access to your company data from anywhere you have Sage 50cloud installed. With Remote Data Access

Network Installation  Allows UNC Path

New network installations now allow you select a UNC Path instead of a mapped drive letter for your shared data path. Upgrades will preserve existing mapped drive configuration.

Better Access to Workflow Tracking Details

Sage 50 2021- Better Access to Workflow Tracking Details

For users of the Workflow Process features in Sage 50 Quantum, tracking details (Tracking Status, “Assigned To”, and Tracking Note) are available columns in Quotes list and Proposals list.

Redesigned In-Product Messages

Sage 50 2020 - Redesigned In-Product Messages

Messages from Sage now display in individual callouts on the side of the program, making them both less intrusive and more easily accessed.



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