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How to Enable User Account Control (UAC) Sage

Enable User Account Control (UAC) Sage

Sage 50 software is completely tested on each and every supported OS. In case the software is used in a different form on a set operating environment, like a virtual set up, then also some of the troubleshooting steps remain the same, like User Account Control.

We will tell you more information about How to Enable /disable User Account Control (UAC) Sage in this article.

One of the most noteworthy security features that was made for Windows Vista is the User Account Control or commonly known as UAC. It enables the admins to run just like a standard user would do, and at the same time, they also help the user to do all the required administrative tasks.

How Does The User Account Control Function?

  • While signing in to the different Operating systems like, Windows XP, 2002 and 2003 the user will be given completeaccess token at the time of reflecting the status.
  • The admin token contains a lot of things starting from standard users token along with the extra rights. While a part of the admins group signs in to Windows 7 or Vista, the user gets a set of users token along with the separate admin token. This particular admin token is restricted during the signing in process, effectively limiting the admin person to a standard user.
  • Therefore, the admin makes use of the operating system just like a standard user however, when they attempt to do an administrator’s activity, then the UAC confirmation window shows up.
  • To do all the needed admin activities, the admin has to click on Continue right before their disabled admin token is switched on. As soon as the activity is done, the admin token is restricted and the admingoes to using only the standard user token.
  • In case a standard user tries to do the admin task they are asked for a password of an admin account.

What Is The Purpose of This UAC Account in Sage?

UAC was basically launched to prevent any type of malicious code from doing any of the admin activities. Because the admin basically functions as a standard user in Windows 7 or Vista, in case the workstation becomes contaminated by any sort of a malicious code, the code may get the standard user token. Plus, it is also prevented by the operating system from doing the set admin activities as well as doing any real harm.

How to Enable User Account Control (UAC) Sage?

To enable the User Account Control (UAC) Sage, You need to follow mentioned below steps:

Total Time: 5 minutes

  1. Step One

    To enable UAC, you will have to make sure that everything is closed first.

  2. Step Two

    Hit the Windows key, and then press X.

  3. Step Three

    Select the Control Panel, and there, select the option that reads as User Accounts.

  4. Step Four

    Select the User Accounts, and afterwards, hit the Change User Account Control settings.

  5. Step Five

    There, you can enable or disable it

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