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Sage Unknown error: -2146893813. PAWEncrypt AcquireOurContainer

Sage Unknown error -2146893813. PAWEncrypt AcquireOurContainer

What is Sage Unknown error: -2146893813. PAWEncrypt AcquireOurContainer & How to Fix It?

Sage 50 is the most prominent accounting software and business management software. It is a subscription-based product published by Sage Group. Formally, it is called Peachtree Accounting. This software is very useful to run their business more effectively with less time It is considered as the best solution to manage their accounting, taxes, inventory, cash flow, and creating invoices.

It preserves their account secure and safe access and online protection. It is easy to track their account business finances and assist with their reporting and taxation requirements.

Exact Error Shown While User Facing Sage Unknown error: -2146893813. PAWEncrypt AcquireOurContainer

unknown error paw encrypt acquire our container error.

Cause of The Sage PAW Encrypt AcquireOurContainer Error

The cause for Sage Unknown Error  PAWEncrypt AcquireOurContainer can be a damaged file or even there might be an issue with the profile of the user of Windows.

To know more read below in detail:

  • Corrupted and damaged system file.
  • Infected file due to virus attack.
  • Due to an error with the windows user profile.
  • Incorrect and damaged permission in the registry
  • Due to a security update for windows 7.
  • Due to network loss.
  • Due to improper way shutdown of the system.

Resolution of The Sage PAW Encrypt AcquireOurContainer

The User needs to restart their computer first, then login to windows as a new user.

Read more in detail below:

1. Solution One: Restart the computer

First, the user needs to restart the computer.

2. Solution Two: Log into windows as a different Windows User

  • The user needs to log into windows as a different user.
  • When the user is getting an error on the system they need to log off the window.
  • Now they need to sign into a different window profile.
  • If they are able to launch the new company under different windows user profiles. It may be due to their profile being corrupted. And it needs to fix a corrupted user profile.
  • After completing the task verify the error.
  • And click on the Next option.

3. Solution Three: Create a new local Windows User

  • A new local windows user creation
  • For the single user of the company needs to create a new windows user profile to test with.
  • Create a user account linked with the additional information below and follow Microsoft’s instructions.
  • With a window user profile, the user needs to log into windows.
  • Again, verify the error and check if it is still persisting on your system.
  • Click on the next option to proceed further steps.

4. Solution Four: Change the Windows user profile State in the registry

  • Enter regedit and select the OK button.
  • They need to browse the link.
  • Here you will get a key with sub-key options. You need to locate the user they are logged in as by looking at the string value.
  • After locating the profile, you need to check the state DWORO value. After completing all steps, you need to verify that the error still persists on your system.
  • Otherwise, you need to click on the Next option.

5. Solution Five: Upgraded to windows 10

  • The user needs to disable the windows user account control (UAC)
  • Check whether the error still persists or not.

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