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Sage 300 Error 49153

Sage 300 Error 49153

Just like Sage 50 & 100, Sage 300 is also a another version of the Sage Accounting Software. Sage 300 is the ERP software which works with Microsoft SQL. Sage 300 also has many features and helps with inventory control and bank services and more. Like any other Software Sage 300 faces a few errors like “Sage 300 Error 49153” The Database Client Version being used is facing an issue causes the Sage 300 Error 49153 and can be solved by Checking if the database server is operational or not. To Know more about Sage 300 Error 49153 Continue Reading this Article.

Exact Error Shown While User Facing Sage 300 Error 49153

Cannot Access Database (=error 49153)

Causes of Sage 300 Error 49153

Sage 300 Error 49153 can be caused by a few things which makes it difficult for the User to Work because the Sage 300 Software is blocked by the Windows Firewall.

Read More Below:

  • The Database Client Version being used is facing an issue
  • Sage 300 Software is blocked by Windows Firewall
  • The IP Address is not able to change because the DNS Server is not able to migrate
  • Database Connection of the SQL is Invalid
  • Database is Offline
  • Invalid Server Name

Solution Of Sage 300 Error 49153

To Solve Sage 300 Error 49153 check if the Database Server is Operational and Working. After Checking that the Server is Working the user has to follow a few more steps which will help Resolve the Sage 300 Error 49153.

Read More Below in detail:

Step 1: Start the SQL Server

  • Choose Start Menu and Run Option
  • Type Services and Click OK
  • Look for SQL Server
  • Select ‘Start’ by right clicking on ‘Name’ if the Status does not Start Automatically
  • Login into Sage Application

Step 2: Inspect The Server

Once connected to server desktop, it is important to check the server. Type ‘services.msc’ and Enter

  • The Service Management Window Appears
  • Find the (MSSQLSERVER) service in the right hand pane
  • It displays the status “Running” and Start up type “Automatic”
  • Right Click on the SQL Service To restart the device, Start or Restart from the drop down menu
  • Check the Credentials Used to login, as portion of the service, if it does not start

Step 3: Use the Name to Ping

Look For the SQL Service on the database server if the server is pinged and still the error occurs. The Service is down or not working

Step 4: Check Which User is Receiving Error Message

If other Sage users are receiving the Sage 300 49153 Error, the issue is with the database server or a specified computer.

Step 5: Check if the database server is operational or not:

Check the database server by name, which will tell if the server is up and running. It will help determine if it is available on other computer networks.

  • Type ‘cmd’ and press enter to bring up command box
  • Type “ping databaservername” at the C: prompt and Enter
  • If the message “The ping request could not locate host sql2016, please check and try again”. There could be a problem with the server, restart the database server.
  • Try Ponging by IP Address if not able to ping by name

Step 6: Log into Sage Utility

Login into the DBSETUP Utility, which stores all connection related details of the database associated with the company Sage. Determine if the database connection is specifically for one database or all databases.

  • Start and Choose all Programs
  • Select Sage 2012/2014/2016 from Sage depending on the Version of Sage
  • Choose Database Setup and Enter the User ID and Password to continue Sign in
  • All Profiles are now setup for all Sage Applications
  • Double Click on Properties of Profile to view it

Now that the Login ID and Password are correct, the Server listed is the correct server name, and the Sage Database is also correct. Open the Sage Company Database. Double Click on the Settings and make the changes if receiving the Sage Error 49153.

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