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Sage 50 US Edition

Sage 50 US Edition

Sage 50 US Edition Overview

Sage 50 Accounting US Edition is used for a growing business. This is an easy-to-use accounting software, which can help the user to pursue several business functions especially: receiving payments, paying bills, controlling cash flow, & managing employees. The Software is integrated with a couple of features capable of providing the user with support on tasks like Creating invoices, Making checks, Recording customer payments, etc.

Sage 50 US Edition Key Features

There are several features of the Sage 50 US Edition, some of which are given here below:

  • Plasticity: The software helps create invoices from wherever you may be, manage your expenditures with mobile applications, and lessen data entry with integrated bank feeds.
  • Compliant with Relative Legislation: Worried about your software being compliant with due legal norms, you can relax and be at peace that your accounting software is compliant with the government systems, laws, and principles.
  • Cheap and Profitable: The software helps maintain a budget and helps you to boost profitability either by project or by job website. The software can also track employees and contractors, alike; by project, using Sage 50 US Edition.
  • Collaboration: You can collaborate with your accountant online, and access data of your company from wherever you are if you install Sage 50 US Edition.
  • The Customers & the Salespersons: Sage 50 US Edition helps you to find out the amount you’re billing & receiving payment for. It also helps find out the amount of money you need to spend.
  • Using the above software, you can easily improve your inventory management. The software can also help you gain control over the inventory costs and quantities.

Sage 50 US Edition Key Benefits

  • Mobile – It is not necessary for you to be in front of your desktop or laptop to generate invoices when you’re using Sage 50 US Edition. You can handle all your functions via a mobile application. You can also enjoy an integrated bank feed feature to reduce the huge volume of data entry.
  • Productive – Sage 50 US Edition is an inexpensive yet profitable accounting solution for organizations. The application makes the maintenance of the budget simpler and thereby ensures profitability in business. It also helps you to track employees and contractors.
  • Follows Law – If you are scared of falling prey to illegal software program usage, you must not hesitate to have Sage 50 US edition in your organizational system. It is a Sage product that abides by all related laws and ethics. It has been developed keeping in mind the government regulations and norms.
  • Accessible – When you’re using the Sage 50 product, you must know how easy it will be for you to keep in touch with your accountant online. You can access your company data from anywhere at any time because of the increased accessibility that you get.
  • Management – Whether it is money management or inventory management, the Sage product is an all-in-one solution. The software will not only help you to know the amount you are due to receive from a client but will also let you be aware of the amount you would require to spend for something. Inventory management also improves with the help of Sage 50 US edition.

Sage 50 US Edition: Special Features & Installation Process

Well, Sage 50 has come up with a varied range of products to make organizational account management easier for small and medium scale businesses.

While talking about Sage 50 products, the mention of Sage 50 US Edition is a must. This software program helps businesses to progress and grow at a greater pace by making so many functions easier to conduct. Starting from the payment of bills to the receipt of payments, thereby keeping track of all cash flows, the software will help in making every organizational function hassle-free for you to carry out.

Installing Sage 50 US Edition

As soon as you decide on having Sage 50 US edition in your organizational system, your next step would be to install the same. Before you begin the installation process, you need to consider some of the factors to make sure that your system is ready to include the software. The most important of all the determinants is the system requirements followed by the step-wise installation process based on the respective platform the software is to be installed in.

Pre-Installation Determinants

Though Sage 50 US Edition 2015 and Sage 50 US Edition 2016 are the retired versions of the software, the rules to be followed before installing the software are almost same for the later versions. The pre-installation determinants are listed below:

  • Make sure your system requirements are fulfilled before you start the installation process.
  • Ensure all users exit Sage before the installation starts
  • Backup all company details
  • Close all other computer programs
  • Don’t keep your anti-virus active
  • Your User Account Control must be set to minimum and not maximum
  • Keep your firewall on. Also, enable notifications

Different Installation Processes

The installation process and the respective steps to be followed differ depending on the platform on which Sage 50 US Edition is to be installed.

For a Standalone Computer

  • As soon as you start your installation, you may get a prompt. Select to install the requirements needed for Version 2017 or newer. In case, your version is older, which it usually is not, select the respective alternative
  • Click View installation instructionson the welcome screen. This will open the PDF form of the installation guide
  • Turn off anti-virus
  • Click Next
  • Check Agreeto the license agreement
  • Click Next
  • Select Auto configure the Windows Firewall to allow install and run Sage 50 (Recommended)box
  • Click Next. If your firewall is disabled, the box will turn gray
  • Enter your Sage 50 US Edition serial numberor verify it, as asked
  • Click Next
  • Select Yes only if the system will be the only one running Sage 50
  • Click Next
  • Select file locations as well as company data files when you get Install Options
  • Click Install
  • If you receive firewall warning, choose Allow or Unblock
  • Follow instructions and complete the installation

For a Network

  • Follow steps 1-10 same as For a Standalone Computer
  • Select Nowhen asked if the system will be the only one where Sage 50 will run
  • Click Next
  • Select This computer is the server on the Sage 50 Company Data Files Storage screen
  • Click Next
  • Select file locations as well as company data files when you get Install Options. Choosing default location is highly recommended, though
  • Click Install
  • If you receive firewall warning, choose Allow or Unblock
  • Select Share the Folder on the Sharing Company Data Screen
  • Click Next
  • Complete the installation by following a series of instructions
  • Allow the program to Open and Activate

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