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Sage Error Messages and Their Solutions

Sage Error Messages and Their Solutions

Sage Error Messages Overview

Sage is the best selling accounting software across the globe and is employed specifically to the small and med sized businesses. The software has introduced its different versions so that it can meet the requirements of the different business sectors and sizes. In an ever-changing market, one cannot be stringent on using outdated bookkeeping techniques and involving manual work.

This is true in today’s scenario because you need your work to be done, provide better service to the customer, bring an end to time consumption, put better focus on the accounting information for the business (that is to say, focus on managing invoices,banking an also expenses).

Why Should I Use Sage Accounting Software?

There are several reasons to why Sage can and should be used. However, some of its features are discussed here below:

  • Sage entails in itself, options which are both; cloud & desktop oriented.
  • Sage helps in managing incomes as well as expenses.
  • Sage helps in proper organization of or providing security to banking information.Moreover, Sage also aids in the management of accounts and with bank reconciliation.
  • Sage auto-calculates VAT Returns and submits the same to HMRC.

All Software is in one way or the other, prone to error. And Sage Accounting software is no different. Different errors may crop up while Sage products.

List of Sage Errors & Their Solutions

While Using the Sage Software Many Errors may occurs with different Sage Products.

To know more read below:

1. Error One: Sage Error Code Ause001

Sage Update Service could not be contacted. Please check your internet connection or connect your system administration.

Solution of Sage Error Code Ause001

  • If you’re using a Proxy, please check the Proxy settings.
  • Please check if you can view the websites on Google.
  • Please contact the customer service center

2. Error Two: Sage Error Code AUS002

“Sage Update Service could not be found. Please contact customer care”

Solution of Sage Error Code Aus002

Please follow the solutions mentioned in AUS001.

3. Error Three: Sage Error Code 407

While trying to download transactions, you find that your online bank A/C is locked or that your banking service provider has kept the Website under maintenance.

Solution of Sage Error Code 407

Try to first, log in to the banking website and find out if it’s available. If not, please contact your Bank and follow the procedures they tell you to follow.

4. Error Four: Sage Error Code 505

“your request cannot be completed since security used by the site is not supported”

Solution of Sage Error Code 505

Please check that the credit /bank card is made available through this service.

5. Error Five: Sage Error Code AUSE099

“An unknown error has occurred. Please contact Sage Customer Services”

Solution of Sage Error Code Ause099

  • If you’re using a Proxy, please check the Proxy settings.
  • To see to it that you have access to the website, use Telnet. Using the same, access the websites after which, Update and Download.

6. Error Six: Sage Error Code AUSE003

“The download failed. Please check your Internet connection or contact your system administrator”

Solution of Sage Error Code Ause003

  • If you’re using a Proxy, please check the Proxy settings.
  • Please check if you can view the websites on Google.
  • Please contact a customer service center

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