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Sage File System Error 2147219196

Sage File System Error 2147219196

Error Code 2147219196 Sage 50/ Peachtree

Likewise all other online accounting software, Sage 50 also has error issues where as Sage file system Error Code 2147219196 is one of the most common error issues you may face. This Sage Error usually occurs due to the older version of the Photo App. In this Article, we give you complete details about this error so you can easily resolve this Sage 50 Error.

Error Code
File System Error 2147219196Developer:
Sage Group
Error Description

Sage File System Error 2147219196: Older Version of the Photo App


Sage 50
Main reason behind the cause of file system error  due to the improper shutdown. Applies to:

Symptom Mistakenly  unplugging of the System. Possible Solution

Reinstall the windows photos

Exact Error Shown While User Facing Sage File System Error 2147219196

Sage File System Error 2147219196: Older Version of the Photo App

Causes of  Sage File System Error 2147219196

The cause for  Sage File System Error 2147219196 is due to the latest Windows Update.

To Know More read below:

  • Main reason behind the cause of file system error  due to the improper shutdown.
  • Interruption of utilities.
  • Hardware failure or NFS writes error
  • Mistakenly  unplugging of the System.

How To Fix Sage File System Error -2147219196?

To fix Sage File System Error 2147219196,Install the Latest Windows Update & Repair Update the latest version of Photo App.

To Know more read below:

1. Method One: update the latest version of Photo App

To repair this error, update the latest version of Photo App

First of all, go to the window store; check the update available of the Photo App, then go with these following   steps:

  • Firstly, go to the Microsoft store, check the download and update option
  • Then mark your click on update
  • Then, get updates and click on download
  • After installing the latest version of the photo app, this error automatically resolved.

2. Method Two: Reinstall the windows photos

Reinstall the windows photos with these steps:

  • Go to the search box and write “Powershell” and mark your right-click on the “Windows PowerShell”
  • After that, go forward with “Run as administrator” click
  • After that, remove Appxpacakge from the Appxpackage and press the ENTER key and remove the Photo App.
  • Then install the windows the Photo installation package
  • After installation files is in the zip format and mark your right click on the Extract files
  • Then select an appropriate location
  • Go to the search box and Write “command prompt” as an administrator
  • Go with NEXT click and write <PsExce location address>PsExec.exe- sid c:\windows\system32\cmd.ex and click on ENTER key.
  • Agree with all terms & conditions which appears on your screen
  • After enter, next Command will automatically pop-up on your screen
  • Agree with on-screen instructions and get confirmation
  • After the completion of the whole process, you are all resolved with this error.

3. Method Three: Using the MiniTool Partition Wizard

To fix this error, you have to check file by using the MiniTool Partition Wizard with these steps:

  • First of all, mark the “Target partition” and go with “Check file system” which is on the left panel
  • Then select the “check & fix detected errors” and click on the START button to run the operation
  • Mark your click on START button and programs runs automatically to detect and repair the file system error.
  • After the completion of the operation process, you are all resolved with this error.

4. Method Four: Use Clean Boot

with clean boot, you can resolve this error:

  • Launch your system by using an administrator account
  • To open the run window, scroll your click on windows and R key and write “msconfig” and enter the OK click
  • Then select the services and unmark “Hide all Microsoft services”
  • After that, go with “Disable” option and hit the OK and save the new changes
  • Locate the start up button and open the task manager
  • Click on the disable option after enabled the status application
  • Restart your system with the option of “clean Boot”
  • Reboot your system; you are all resolved with error.

5. Method Five: Steps to use Registry Error with Admin Privileges

You can use this method to resolve this error. However, don’t forget to make the backup of the computer to avoid any data loss.

  • Click the Start button
  • In the search box type  “regedit”
  • Do the right click on regedit and from the available options select “Run as administrator”
  • Go to the path HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Classes\LocalSettings\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\AppModel\Repository\Families\Microsoft.Windows.Photos.
  • Now verify the date of every entry by checking the date of the folder name
  • Go to the Microsoft Windows Photo folder and check the number of folders they will be the same as the number of un-installations you have done
  • Now select and delete the expired entries available in Microsoft Windows  Photos Folder
  • Finally restart your Computer

6. Method Six: Execute the trouble-shooter

  • Press Windows + I keys or click windows and click the Settings
  • At the left side locate the Troubleshoot option and click it
  • After opening the troubleshoot window, drag the window to the bottom
  • You can see Run the trouble-shooter below Windows Store Apps
  • It will automatically identify and solve the issues

7. Method Seven: Installing the latest Windows update

  • Click Windows >>>select Settings
  • Go to the Update & Security page and check for the new updates
  • System will show you if the latest updates are available or not
  • If updates are available, install the latest updates
  • Once updates are done, restart your computer

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    This is the error that happens when a user tries to open the. JPG, PNG with the help of the PHOTOS app.

  2. What is a MiniTool Partition Wizard?

    This is one of the software which helps to manage the partition for the hard disk drives. It maximizes the disk performance and helps to convert the partition FAT32 and NTFS etc.

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