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Sage Fixed Assets

Sage Fixed Assets

Sage Fixed Assets overview

The Sage Fixed Assets is an asset-management software. The software is used to calculate the most profitable reduction a company can have so as to maximize financial benefits from tax deduction.Professionals in the accounting & finance put their trust in Sage Fixed Assets in order to mechanize reporting and set a guard against rigid non-compliance.

Sage Fixed Assets Key Features

There are end number of features of Sage Fixed Assets, some of which are cited here below:

  • Sage Fixed Assets is easily usable, user-friendly, and is capable to stockpile a lot of information pertaining to assets in the system:- The software is a forceful accounting and reporting one with an intuitive interface which enables a person to handle/supervise the entire life-cycle of one’s assets, from the acquisition to disposal. Sage Fixed Assets also offers above 50 depreciation methods along with to-the-point operation of reporting tools, with 30 in-built reports.
  • Sage Fixed Assets provides the most essential reports that a user requires in order tha to make sure that the business financial data is soundly prepared, is accurate, and is up-to-date:- Some of the Software’s built-in reports have: first, the Monthly & Annual Projection, secondly Depreciation Expense & Summary, thirdly Disposal, fourthly Asset Basis, and finally; Quarterly Acquisition.
  • Aids in Flexibility and Security:- Sage Fixed Assets portrays data fields that are customization, consists of drop-down lists for prompt data entry, Asset Templates that ease out the data integrity, and also a Group Manager for better-quality organization and better accessibility. Finally,the can create your Sage Fixed Assets to adjust his/her work . Sage Fixed Assets also provides outstanding security for the user’s data, with protected access built-in at diverse levels of system-usage. This means, only those who have a secret access to alter significant data; can do so inside the system.
  • Smooth Migration:- The Import/Export Wizard within Sage Fixed Assets software enables one to speedily and expediently import and incorporate data into the software’s Asset Accounting Database and into the General Ledger. Furthermore, the system has in-built IRS Forms & Worksheets, like Form 3468 (i.e. Investment Credit) and Form 4562 (i.e. Depreciation and Amortization).
  • It provides timely, quality support:- Members of Sage Fixed Asset Support Plus receive exceptional customer-support, either online or via phone. These specialists are ever-ready to reply the questions and queries the users raise; listening to which, they provide assistance when one is in need of it!

Sage Fixed Assetsfor Proper Asset Management

Managing fixed assets is really a complex part of the organizational processes. To make the process easier, however, Sage has introduced most effective fixed assets software. Though the Sage fixed assets management is a tough job. Sage fixed assets support system makes available multiple phone numbers for users to be used in case of emergency.

About Sage Fixed Assets

With various Sage fixed assets versions, tracking fixed assets with smooth depreciation calculations has become simpler. The management of the fixed assets in the Sage software is done in compliance with more than 300,000 U.S. and Canadian regulations relating to governments, businesses as well as non-profit organizations. Sage Fixed assets management is divided into three stages – Planning, Depreciation, and Tracking.

Sage Fixed Assets Planning

Managing the accounts manually is very difficult and that too when your fixed assets are not even considered as officially fixed assets. For example, keeping a record of everything while your construction work is in progress is quite tough. This is where you need to have proper planning for your project.

The important aspects of the planning stage include:

  • For Sage fixed assets, planning is done to help you keep track of everything until they become your official fixed assets
  • In the planning stage, you get more than 45 user-defined fields along with inbuilt reports, including project status, budget variance, etc
  • When fixed assets are counted, capitalized and expensed assets both fall under this category
  • You can also go for Project Snapshotto have a glance at information related to the major projects

Sage Fixed Assets Depreciation

This is the stage of the Sage fixed assets management in which you get the flexibility to manage your complete fixed-asset lifecycle. This includes everything from acquisition to transfers to disposals. Your Sage executives will help you understand how depreciation stage prepares you for the year-end financials. From allocating funds to removing redundant data, everything is done here.

The important point to consider while understanding Sage Fixed Assets are as follows:

  • It offers over 50 depreciation methods, including MACRS 150 and 200 percent formulas and tables
  • In addition, user-defined methods are also there along with over 30 ready-to-use reports like year-end financial statements
  • It is designed in accordance with the government regulations
  • The application integrates with popular general ledger systems
  • Decision-making tools and budgetary books creations are its specialties

Sage Fixed Assets Tracking

A user-friendly and easy-to-handle tracking system is what makes this application one of the most sought-after Sage products. The convenient wizards help you to follow instructions and achieve a step-wise tracking of inventory. It helps you to remove stolen or lost assets, thereby helping you reduce your insurance and minimize tax overpayments, in some cases.

The features of Sage fixed assets that can be thoroughly explained by a Sage support executive are as follows:

  • Uses mobile barcode readers
  • Multiple inventory recording simultaneously can be done in this management stage
  • Data is reconciled at a central location
  • More than 45 completely customized fields for tracking
  • Entry of data can be controlled with images and notes having specific description of concerned data

Sage Fixed Assets 2016

There have been so many versions of the software till date. However, the 2016 version is one of the best performing applications of all times. It is best to be used in corporations, government organizations, non-profit units, etc. that are known for managing a large volume of in-house assets. With easy-to-install facility, the product is available online for installation, thereby providing an excellent capacity to manage huge volume of assets.

Though constant updates are available in 2016, there’s one limitation that made other versions popular. Most of the tax system integration is done through import/export functions, which in some way affects organizations financially.

Sage Fixed Assets Download and Updates

Sage fixed assets support experts are there to help you in case you find issues with upgrading your outdated Sage fixed assets version. The latest version for Sage fixed assets download is the 2018 version.

If you’re planning to upgrade to the latest Sage fixed assets version, following the below-mentioned steps can help:

Keep your eye on the Sage Advisor Update notification pop up message. You get this notification in the Microsoft Windows system tray.

To find the option:

  • Go to Start menu
  • Select All Programs
  • Go to Then select Advisor Update. Now choose Sage Advisor Update
  • If you find 2018.1 in the list, go for it. Otherwise click Check for Updatesthere
  • Click Download & Install or Download Only as soon as you find the latest version (2018.1 here)
  • Follow the instructions via prompt to complete the downloading process

Sage Fixed Assets Support

The help that you get from Sage executives is very efficient and effective. Whether it live chat or email or toll free phone numbers, you can be assured of getting instant help and solution to whatever queries or issues you have related to any Sage product.

The range of services offered is listed below:

  • You can get your doubts resolved
  • You can get assistance through the installation and executive process of software applications or programs
  • Executives will also help you in getting the activation codes online
  • The reps will inform you about the online discussions or webinars to be conducted for ensuring better understanding of Sage fixed assets management software
  • They will also provide with all product documents as and when you ask for.

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