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Sage 50 HR Unable to Contact Remote Server Error

Sage 50 HR Unable to Contact Remote Server Error

Sage is the leading resource planning software, and one of its major characteristics is Sage HR. However, many users have introduced Sage HR unable to contact remote server error when they attempt to access Sage 50 HR. A problem with the configuration of the software is the prior cause of the error. To Fix the Sage 50 HR Unable to Contact Remote Server Error, the Configuration File has to be Repaired.

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This Sage 50 Error message demonstrates that “Sage 50 HR Service isn’t beginning the PC where your information is put away or that the HR Manager File isn’t added to the Sage HR account”.

What are the Elements contributing to Sage HR Unable to contact remote server error?

The Firewall is blocking the Sage Ports is one of the Reasons for Sage HR Unable to contact remote server error. Factors adding to Sage HR Unable to Contact Remote Server Error. The execution records expected to run Sage are handicapped. The wrong server name is in the design document. The Windows record of the HR client is mistakenly set up.

Read the steps Given Below:

  • Implementation files needed to run Sage are disabled.
  • The wrong server name is in the configuration file.
  • The HR user’s Windows account is set up wrongly.
  • Inadequate access to PC that maintains HR data.
  • The firewall is blocking Sage ports.

Solution Steps for Sage HR Unable to Contact Remote Server Error

Below we have provided some solution steps to help you fix Sage 50 HR Unable to contact remote server error.

Step 1: Repair the Configuration file

The Configuration file has to Repaired,

Follow the Steps Given Below:

  • Press the Windows button and type explorer in the search area.
  • Tap on Windows Explorer and Navigate to C:\ProgramData\Sage\HR.
  • Find the configuration.xml and right-tap on it and in the list click on open with.
  • Choose Program and tap on Notepad and press enter
  • You require to search the information beginning with “Remoting Server=”. It should have one of the following-
    • The server computer shows remoting server=” localhost”.
    • The customer system shows Remoting Server=” HRServerName”.
  • Click on File.
  • Press Save.
  • Hit File again.
  • Press Exit.
  • Turn off the screen and access Sage 50 HR.

Step 2: Re-launch HR Services

Re-launch HR services by following the steps given below:

  • Navigate to the My Computer and right-tap on it.
  • Choose Manage
  • Select Services and Applications
  • Click on Services
  • Find SageMySQL Service and dual tap on it
  • Choose General
  • Select the Startup type as automatic.
  • Click on Save
  • Select the service status is begun
  • Tap Save
  • Access Sage 50 HR on the user PC

Step 3: Configure Sage 50 HR Service

After the Sage 50 HR Services have been Re-launched, the next step is to Configure the Sage 50 HR Services.

Read the Steps below:

  • Press the Windows button and go to the control panel.
  • Choose administrative services and click on services.
  • Find Sage 50 HR services and right-tap on it
  • Choose Start and go to Log on.
  • Choose Account.\SageHRServer
  • Click Browse and hit the locations button
  • Now tap on the + icon
  • Choose the right domain name and click on OK
  • Tap on Advanced
  • Choose the Correct user name and click OK
  • Utilize your credential on the Log On page
  • Tap on Apply.
  • Press General
  • In the end Choose Start
  • And Access Sage 50 HR Service

Still Need Help!

We will now end our blog in the hope that it was innovative for you in fixing Sage HR unable to Contact remote server error. For further assistance, contact Sage live chat assistance.

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