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Sage Pastel Error Code 20

Sage Pastel Error Code 20

Peachtree is the old name for Sage 50, which is at present one of the most highly popular developer of accounting software. Sage accounting software is preferred by both medium as well as small sized companies. They are loved by the accounting people because of their simple features and the ease of use.

Sage Pastel is basically an add-on which enhances the usage of Sage accounting software and allows the customers to focus on their core business. Sage pastel believes in staying innovative within a technological environment which is ever-changing and aims to give the customers the confidence to remain the same.

Sage error 20 is a very minute error and can be resolved very easily. Mostly appears while sending emails or sending to PDF.

The software has a very decent user interface which is apt for non IT people as well. Plus, it has got almost all the required characteristics, thus, Sage 50 has become one of the most famous accounting software company in the world.

Error Code
Pastel Error Code 20Developer:
Sage Group
Error Description
‘Printer is not activated, Code -20’ Software:

Sage 50
The Service is not running.  Applies to:

Symptom Pervasive is not licensed. Possible Solution

Manually Start the Pervasive & check the pervasive license.

Exact Error Shown While User Facing Sage 50 Pastel Error Code 20

‘Printer is not activated, Code -20’

What is Sage Pastel Error CODE 20?

Sage Pastel Error code 20 occurs while the user is trying to open Pastel.

To enhance businesses, Sage has introduced several versions. Some of them are:


  • Mobility: Sage Pastel helps in empowering and mobilizing the workforce in order to generate sales from the invoices using the new mobile application. Sage Pastel enables the user(s) to find his/her/their customers and help in conducting business even if the user is traveling.
  • Forms Assistant: Using Forms Assistant feature in Sage Pastel, one can create professional-looking documents and/or statements .
  • Bid Farewell to Manual Bank Reconciliation: Reconciling a bank account can take several hours or seven several days to complete. Sage Pastel helps in making the user’s bank recons easier with Sage Pastel Bank Manager. The processes are simplified due to its being automatic, which prevents a lot of time consumption.
  • Business Reports At a mere Click: Sage Pastel Intelligence (BIC) helps automate the business reporting process so that the user might be able to focus on analyzing the information received to make proper decisions with confidence.

Like all Software, Sage Pastel is also prone error. Sage Pastel Error Code 20 is one such error which causes users to stumble in their work . In such cases you need to figure out the causes behind it. We have lined up few of them below;

Possible Causes for The Sage Pastel Error Code 20?

The Sage Pastel  Error Code 20 can be caused because the Control  Settings  are not correct or the Service is not running. 

For more information Read Below  in detail:

  • Pervasive Engine or Service might not be running.
  • Pervasive is not licensed.
  • Pervasive components were not installed correctly.
  • The workstation is not being able to create a link to the Server engine while the user is using Pervasive Client/Server.

While sage pastel error code 20 comes in, can result in a number of different cases.

  • The engine is not working or it is not fully pervasive.
  • If you don’t have a license then also this error can happen.
  • there is a problem with the installation of the pervasive.

How to Disable the User Account Control (UAC)

Windows 7, 8 and 10

  • First of all, you have to make sure that all the software is closed.
  • After that, you have to press the image of the window and X.
  • Then you have to click on the Control Panel and click on User Accounts.
  • Then click on User Account and click on Change User Accounts Control.
  • Then pay attention to the current setting.
  • Then drag the slider to the bottom and check the box for Never notify and click yes.
  • After that start the computer again.

Turn Off User Account Controls (UAC)

  • In the search bar enter UAC, which is located in the taskbar
  • Click on Change User Account Control Settings
  • Select Never Notify and Click OK
  • Choose the Prompt asking for the Confirmation regarding selection
  • Write the administrator Credentials
  • Reboot the system for the change to be applied

How to Fix The Sage Pastel Error Code 20?

To Resolve Sage Pastel Error Code 20 manually start the pervasive & check the pervasive license.

To know more read below:

1. Method One

To Solve Sage Pastel Error 20 the user must first start the Pervasive manually and check if they have the correct license. To know more read below in detail:

Total Time: 12 minutes

  1. Step One

    Possess Pervasive licenses on all machines

  2. Step Two

    Uninstall and Re-install Pervasive

  3. Step Three

    Antivirus must be disabled

  4. Step Four

    The user must be an administrator

  5. Step Five

    If the user is using Vista, or Windows 7; you’ll need to turn the UAC (User Access Control) off.

  6. Step Six

    In case you’re using Pervasive 9 or 10, you’ll need to turn the Embedded Spaces off

2. Method Two

In case Sage 50 email Writer is being blocked by the User Account Control

  • In this case firstly, on the Sage 50 icon, you have to do a Right-click and then click on Run, you can even click on Run as Administrator.
  • That’s it! Problem solved, you should be able to print now!

3. Method Three

In case we are trying to use an Incorrect Amyuni Document Converter

  • Firstly, just make sure that Sage 50 is closed properly.
  • Now, move to the Control Panel and then click on Devices and Printers.
  • Here, you would to Right-click on the Sage 50 E-mail Writer
  • After this click on Printer Properties.
  • Here, select the Advanced tab and after this click on Amyuni Document Converter 450 driver.
  • Just hit on OK.
  • Now, Open Sage 50
  • You should be able to flawlessly print to PDF now after performing the steps

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