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sbddesktop.exe has stopped working Sage 50

sbddesktop.exe has stopped working Sage 50


Sage 50 Accounting Software is used to handle finances and accounting of business owners. Sage 50 has many different features and that helps the business improve and grow. Although Sometimes Sage 50 Encounters a few errors like “sbddesktop.exe has stopped working Sage 50”.

Exact Error Shown While User Facing sbddesktop.exe has stopped working Sage 50

SBDDesktop.exe has stopped working


Sage unexpectedly ceases to function when you are trying to send email reports and layouts

Causes For sbddesktop.exe has stopped working Sage 50

The Cause for sbddesktop.exe has stopped working Sage 50 is when some of the files required by the software have not been installed & the user has to download Sage 50 Accounts v24 again.

Steps to fix sbddesktop.exe has stopped working Sage 50

To Solve the Steps to fix sbddesktop.exe has stopped working Sage 50, the user has to download and set up an upgrade for the version of Sage Accounting being used.

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Step 1: Download the Latest Upgrade

The User has to download the correct links of the Sage 50 Accounting.

  • Upgrade for v23.1 and below
  • Upgrade for v23.2 and above
  • Click twice on the download file and choose Run Option from the drop down list
  • Run the desired report or generate the layout
  • Allow the Anti-virus Software to confirm the Action
  • Refresh the layout if using Quick Email Choice

Follow the Following Steps For Quick Email Choice:

  • Select Invoice and Order Defaults in Settings
  • In Email For Every document category the user has to look for prerequisite layout

If the Error still Appears then the user has to reboot the computer and open the report or layout again

Note: It depends on the type of web browser the user is working with. The file will automatically download the location the user has chosen. If the user has chosen the downloaded folder, then press Ctrl + J on keyboard continuously.

Step 2: Cross Check the Email Defaults

  • From Sage Accounts Settings Choose Email Default Option
  • Select Microsoft Office Outlook from the Email Program Drop down
  • Choose the Layout of by which means the email has be sent

Step 3: Check the Email Settings

  • The User has to review any of the review or layouts where the issue occurs
  • Select the Email Setup by choosing the printer Offsets
  • Choose Microsoft Outlook by selecting Default Provider Drop Down Items
  • Choose the MAPI which is stated in the report and use the default provider
  • Exit From Preview Window

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