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How to Upgrade to Peachtee

How to Upgrade to Peachtee

How to Upgrade to Peachtee

Peachtree accounting software is easy to use, which simplifies the user’s everyday workflow and offer insights that assist to save monetary resource.This software can swiftly organize the finances, paybills, cash flow, and cost anytime, anywhere. It will speed up their cash flow and reduce costs.

The customer ensures their business accounts are reliable, accurate and easy to use and minimize the amount of time spent on bookkeeping so that they can focus on growing their business. Now it’s known as Sage 50, the new era of Peachtree Accounting.

It has become a renewed and new commitment to their business, it delivers the tools they required to accomplish their business goals. It’s not only streamlined solution, but also it can customize to their needs.

It also helps for growing businesses and products with extraordinary customer support and services.

Why Upgrade to Peachtree?

With Every software the world will demand for upgrades. Product or services has not been modified with improved technology. This software is capable to fulfill all their accounting requirements with upgrading. With each and every upgrade of Peachtree comes with efficient and effective features. This software can upgrade through the manual download and automatic update.

What are the features of Upgrading to Peachtree

1. Automatic Updates:

  • Every updates is easily available for the software. It comes with a prompt on your system such as: Don’t Download option is available or Download Now. The user can click on Download Now.
  • After performing the download the user can save on their desktop.
  • Click on Ok and downloading will be starting of their system.
  • When it appears on your screen and click on install.
  • Sometime you may not get any prompts on your system, at this time you need to click on Help> check for product updates.

2. Manual Updates:

  • Manually downloading can be performed without prompted.
  • Click on the update they want.
  • The user needs to download the upgrade on their system.
  • After the downloading, click on run file from the downloading location. Before performing this task the user need to close Peachtree.

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