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SAP B1 to QuickBooks Migration

Switching to the best software is the primary need of every successful business. When you are using SAP Business one accounting solution and analyzing its various challenges, you decide to change it to the Latest Accounting software. You can easily migrate into QuickBooks.

However, there is a complicated task of data migration, including transaction history and open transactions. You require discovering a reliable resource for the data migration process. This article is rounded up with relevant guidance regarding SAP Business One to Quickbooks Migration.

SAP Business One to QuickBooks Migration

Data Migration acts as a crucial phase of the implementation process when you invest in any advanced accounting solutions. When you start migrating data from the existing software to advanced accounting software QuickBooks, there is a challenge of importing inaccuracies, redundant material, and unknowns.
You have to map accurately in MS XL to adjust the new structure. There available many service providers of Data migration. They have different protocols for providing services.
The complexity varies with the data in the existing software. The Data includes Transaction data, Opening balances, and Master Data. It would help if you decided while initial phases where you begin understanding the data and its strategies.

What are the primary reasons when there is a need to migrate data from SAP Business one to QuickBooks?

There many scenarios that occur when the best decision is to switch to new accounting software. Here below are some pointers highlighting the reasons when you decide change SAP B1:

  1. SAP Business One does not handle large businesses with needed productivity, procurement management, material management, and planning. It makes the organization to pause using SAP products after some years.
  2. There are several ERP product failures; to enhance profitability and decrease business loss, the company thinks of switching to the right software.
  3. There are many complicated controls and processes that are not user-friendly; there is a need for an experienced person to operate the payroll.

ERP implementation seems a complicated task, and there is a need to follow a proper discipline for the implementation technique. The multiple facets of management are challenging. So, organizations think of a simple and straightforward solution for managing finance tasks, thus choosing QuickBooks for productive objectives.

Start Migrating from SAP Business one to QuickBooks:

Before you decide what is best for your organization, you must understand the product you have chosen and the right service providers to assist you through implementation. Search the best industry-standard SAP B1 to QuickBooks data migration to transfer complete accounting data accurately.

How does Data Migration work?

Here are the steps which involve converting data from SAP Business One to QuickBooks Desktop, Online, Pro, and premier:

  1. Connect with selected data conversion resource
  2. Check out all the prompts for uploading the current SAP B1 SQL server data files
  3. Locate the folder in which your SAP business One Backup file is there and then upload it with the sent prompts
  4. Once the data conversion is completed, you will send a download link for downloading data files regarding QuickBooks
  5. Install QuickBooks Desktop on the system to directly open the company file

What items Converted during SAP B1 to QuickBooks?

Here is the list of items which is converted:

  1. Chart of Accounts
  2. Vendors List
  3. Items List
  4. Item Sales Tax
  5. Terms List
  6. Assembly Builds
  7. Inventory Quantities and Values
  8. Employees List
  9. Other Names
  10. Customers List
  11. Jobs List

Migrate your Sap Business One data to Quickbooks. Full data conversion with all historical data


  1. Customer Payments
  2. Invoices
  3. Bills
  4. Credit Memo
  5. Invoices
  6. Vendor Payments
  7. Checks
  8. Item receipts
  9. Liability Adjustments
  10. Payroll Liability Checks
  11. Transfers
  12. Inventory Adjustments

What Data is not converted?

The core accounting information can be converted here are the data types which are not converted:

  1. Budget
  2. Custom Templates
  3. Bank Reconciliation


That’s all about SAP B1 to QuickBooks data migration! It involves exporting of legacy data, importing into necessary data scrubbing and master data importing in QuickBooks. Hopefully, the above information helped you get useful information on Migrating data from SAP business one to QuickBooks. Make sure you have selected the best service provider to migrate ata accurately.

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