QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2020

Yet another upgrade is now available to support your accounting, banking and financial tasks with great ease and commitment. All the features of QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2019 have now been upgraded and enhanced to improve the functioning and compatibility of the software. QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2020 has some of the new features which we will discuss,

QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2020

Here are some of the technically advanced features that will surely help you boost your accounting process:

  • Automated Payment Reminders:  No need to waste ample of time in following the payment, receivables and manually attempting other important tasks like composing emails or making or identifying invoices. It has an automatic process to follow all these tasks in one go.
  • Add customer/client automatically to the invoice emails automatically: Add PO# Number instead of connecting purchase order manually and it will automatically read and add the invoice number in the subject line. 
  • Send multiple emails to the client in one go: It provides a check-box facility to make multiple invoices and emails combined. Now, you can send all the invoices in one go. 

Along with the above-mentioned features, it also endorses its clients with many technologically important features such as company file search, easy admin password reset feature and enhanced accessibility feature. You can also break column in reports, use & enable direct deposit for customers. The all-new Smart Help feature gives you detailed information about everything you need to know in QuickBooks. Just press F1 and search for what you are looking for.

What are the system requirements for downloading QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2020?

  1. Windows Server – 2019, 2016, 2012 (or R2) and 2008 (R2 SP1)
  2. Windows 8.1 and Windows 10
  3. RAM – 4 GB (8 GB Recommended)
  4. Recommended Disk Space – 2.5 GB Minimum
  5. Minimum 1 MBPS internet speed is required to access payroll and other online features.

Software Integration

  1. For MS Excel and MS Word Integration – Office 2010 Service Pack 2 and Office 365 (32 and 64 bit)
  2. Invoices and email estimates – Office 365 & Gmail

Browser Requirement:

  1. 32-bit Internet Explorer.

It also helps you fulfill your industry-specific requirements:

  • Manage inventory items at once: It helps you locate items and complete all the tasks related to inventory.
  • Use class as a filter to track balance sheet: You can easily track financial data, access reports by department and profit.
  • Use job phase to bill clients: Track clients by material, bills and the tasks they offer. 
  • Use vendor report to create a job: Check the status of the vendors on the basis of their jobs.
  • Track changes in orders and create new jobs: To track estimates, enter change order in it and analyze their impact throughout the process.
  • Track expenses and unbilled time: Track expenses and unbilled time on the basis of service, clients, projects and employee.

This actually doesn’t end here. There are many industry-specific tools and features that help you streamline your business and accounting process.

Here is how you can upgrade your QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2019 to QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2020:

  1. Manual upgrade
  2. Automatic upgrade

Although, we recommend you go for manual upgrade, yet, you need to take care of the fact that system requirements should be considered first. We can help you keep a check on all the vital elements and important points of QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2020 whether you are downloading it for the first time or you are upgrading it from the previous version. Call us on our QuickBooks Technical Support Toll-Free Number +1800-816-6849 or you can connect with us via our Official Email Address helpdesk@bigxperts.com.

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