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QuickBooks MAC 2016

QuickBooks MAC 2016

QuickBooks accounting solution was developed by Intuit for small and medium business houses. It provides on-premises services and cloud based solutions for Windows and MAC operating systems.

If you have MAC operating system, then you won’t have to bother thinking about which accounting software to use as QuickBooks functions for MAC as well. It is developed on a powerful platform and helps in tracking & managing all your business expenses, invoices, and payments. It also has some new improvised features which include all the important information regarding customers, vendors and transaction centers, all in just one place. It also has a special feature of creating a backup of all your files in MobileMe. You can now successfully setup reminders to print your invoices or bill payments through iCal. QuickBooks for MAC can easily send files to Windows users. These files can be read in any version of QuickBooks, which allows you to establish a successful communication regarding your financial data.

Modules of QuickBooks for MAC:

    • Accounts Payable:

With this feature in QuickBooks for MAC, you can easily track your cash-flow. Along with tracking your expenses, you can easily fill your sales tax forms in just few minutes and ensure that sales tax balance is accurate. This way sales tax will always be up-to- date. You can now easily create checks and take their print-outs. It also has an in-built reminder features which will remind to pay your bills before they are due.

    • Accounts Receivable:

It will create a centralized storage point for your database where you have stored all your customer’s information and financial data. Through accounts receivable module, you can keep a track of all the past-due accounts. You can also create invoices along with track receivables. It also has a tool through which you can customize your invoice according to your desire and business requirement.

    • General Ledger:

It gives you a complete view of your business transaction along with
important reminders and performance of your business. QuickBooks designed for MAC has the access to your financial history, so it presents you with a detailed report along with the some useful insight for your business. These reports can easily be exported to Microsoft Excel.

    • Inventory:

With QuickBooks designed for MAC, you can track inventory. It helps you in maintain your orders and prevent you from over doing it.

    • Payroll:

With payroll option available in your QuickBooks MAC, you can manage your
manage your staff. This software is well-equipped with several exceptional features that will help in processing your payroll with accurate tax deductions and also assists in paying your employees through direct bank deposit.

    • Purchase Orders:

QuickBooks for MAC enables you to create a list of your purchase orders. You just have to select your vendor for purchase from the list and select an inventory item for the purchase order. As, it receives the inventory, the QuickBooks will check for the purchases and match it to respective purchase order, which is going to be reconciled automatically.

    • Time Tracking:

With time tracking, you can easily track the employees’ time and avoid
the under-billing of your customers. It will make sure that the invoice you have created has correct time or expenses and alert you while doing so. This is generally done using timesheets.

The modules mentioned above are integrated with QuickBooks software designed for MAC operating system. While working on it, if you ever come across some technical or functional issues, you can contact the QuickBooks setup by Intuit. They have formed an elite team of QB professionals who are knowledgeable regarding functioning of QuickBooks for MAC. They will properly guide you so that you don’t have any confusion.To contact them, you just have to call on their toll-free number +1-800-816-6849. You can connect with them at any time as they provide 24*7 services. You can also go for an alternate option i.e. visiting their website and requesting for Online Chat Support.

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