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QuickBooks Windows 2018

QuickBooks Windows

QuickBooks 2018 software for Windows entry into market, the older version will face some kind of decline in their sales, as this latest version is best amongst its peers in the current year. While structuring a new software, Intuit generally focuses on either the feature upgrade, technical and security aspect of the software or introduces updates within any specific edition of QuickBooks like QuickBooks Accountant 2018, QuickBooks Premier 2018 software. However, this time Intuit has brought in changes in each and every sector of QuickBooks 2018 software Windows version. Moreover, trial period for introduced changes displayed that two main features got special attention from the users namely Multi Monitor Support and Remaining Logged-in. Other tools that are integrated within the latest version are listed below:.

    • ● Multiple Monitor Support
      ● Secured to Remain Logged-in at all times
      ● Added benefit of Search tab under Chart of Accounts feature
      ● Invoice Past Due Stamp
      ● Customize Column and Row option in Enhanced Inventory Reports
      ● Toggle between Cash and Accrual basis for Reports
      ● Payroll Liability Reminder feature added for Payroll user
      ● Secure Webmail option
      ● Merge multiple vendors tool
  • ● Sales Order Fulfilment tool for users of Enterprise Advanced Inventory

Advanced Features in Detail:

    • ● QuickBooks 2018 versions for Windows offers users benefit of remaining signed in with the software as the security aspects have been raised to another level. This helps to free up time from logging in everytime user open the software or tries to access the company file.
      ● The feature that has really brought the popularity of QuickBooks 2018 software for Windows along with putting a bar of mistakes made, consequently troubleshooting errors is the

toggle between Cash and Accrual account

    • . The tab for the same is provided on the report itself ensuring there is easy switching between accounts without much hassle.


    allowing user to employ about 3 monitors in one go accords them with the option of moving the QuickBooks screen across different monitors apart from the hosted one. This feature also aids in displaying pop-up screens of the current process of the software in correct monitor which will help to avoid unnecessary confusion of locating pop-ups.

The above list of features and tools are integrated within the new QuickBooks 2018 software for Windows. In case of any issue with functioning of any of the feature user can contact the QuickBooks customer care team setup by Intuit. The expert team comprises of experienced individuals who are well versed with the functioning of QuickBooks 2018 software and will be able to resolve the problems encountered quite easily.

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