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Upgrade Your QuickBooks Mac 2016 to 2019

It was recently announced that QuickBooks is going to launch a new version for QuickBooks MAC 2019 OS. If you are a user of Apple of computers and would like to use the latest version of QuickBooks on your computers, you will need to upgrade to the latest version of QuickBooks MAC.Upgrade Your QuickBooks Mac 2016 to 2019

In this article, let us take a look at the current version QuickBooks Mac 2016, and upgrading to the next version QuickBooks Mac 2019, which will soon be released. At any time, if you have doubts regarding using QuickBooks for Mac computers, our Bigxperts tech helpdesk is available round the clock to help you out.

Which is the current version?

The current version of QuickBooks for Mac computers is called QuickBooks Mac 2016. This tool has not received an update since 2016, and is quite outdated. It does not feature cloud syncing, and requires a lot of manual data entry to keep all your invoices and accounts up to date. That can give you quite a lot of unnecessary trouble, especially when you have a lot of other things to do. However, it also has some benefits:

  • It is specifically developed for Mac computers
  • One does not need to use plugins or add-ons to convert desktop versions to Mac versions
  • It works flawlessly on all Mac devices
  • It has a great user interface
  • It is quick and responsive while operating

Which is the next version?

The next version, which is yet to be released, is QuickBooks MAC 2019. This is a version that was recently confirmed by QuickBooks, and will bring a number of features that are useful to users. We must remember that Apple is going to launch new MAC devices too, and older software programs will not be compatible on the newer devices. So, if you plan to buy new Apple computers, it makes sense to use the latest version of QuickBooks for MAC. Here are some of the advantages of QuickBooks Mac 2019:

  • You can easily sync files to iCloud, which makes manual entries redundant
  • You can start work on your MACBook, and continue from where you left on your iOS devices
  • You can import Square .csv files quickly
  • Your data is encrypted and safe to use
  • All emails can now be tracked quickly and efficiently
  • Generate your bank’s discrepancy reports

Upgrading from QuickBooks Mac 2016 to QuickBooks Mac 2019

To upgrade your QuickBooks Mac 2016 to 2019, all you need to do is to ensure that you are not using very old Mac computers. If you want to use QuickBooks Mac 2019, you should at least have a QuickBooks Mac 2016.

So, make sure that you have the latest computers to be able to use the latest software, as programming, coding, etc. change as and when technology evolves. Of course, it may seem expensive to purchase an entire set of MAC computers if you are still using old ones.

However, Apple will soon stop updates for your older MAC computers, and it makes sense to invest in newer machines to keep all your data safe and secure. Moreover, if you want to make full use of cloud computing solutions, you will not only need to use QuickBooks Mac 2019, but also the latest Apple devices.

Still need help? Call us up.

If you are unable to upgrade from QuickBooks Mac 2016 to 2019 yourself, and you are wondering if you should invest in new computers, speak to our Bigxperts QuickBooks helpline for more information. You can call us up on our +1-800-816-6849  any time, as we are available 24/7.

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