How to Sync Invoices to QuickBooks?


As soon as you switch from your normal accounting platform to QuickBooks, it becomes essential that all your previous data gets reflected in your new QB account. In case there is a problem with synchronization, you might face a lot of trouble in terms of invoice generation, which would likely be based on incorrect data storage. Thus, it is important that your data should sync invoices with QuickBooks to make sure invoices are correctly prepared.

Steps to Sync Invoices to QuickBooks

Option 1: Using QuickBooks Integration

  1. Once your QuickBooks integration is set up, you will find the QuickBooks icon in the MyCase dock
  2. Click on the icon. This will display the sync window
  3. You will get to see all the invoices yet to be synchronized with the new QB account
  4. Select the invoices to be synched with QB individually or you can also tick the Select All check box that is there on top of the screen
  5. If you want only certain invoices to be sent to QuickBooks based on the dates, you can filter it. To do so, you can: Type the dates -> Click on Filter List -> You can also select the payment option from a separate section of Invoice Payments -> There, you can select or deselect the option of auto-sync payments.
  6. If you enable the same, the invoices and payments will be automatically synched or sent to QB
  7. When you have already selected the list of invoices and payments to be synched, you need to: Select Sync With QuickBooks-> The transactions will be transferred to the new QB account

Option 2: Using a third-party app

  1. Login in as the Admin to the company file
  2. Choose the File menu
  3. Click on the option saying Switch to Single-user Mode
  4. Choose File menu once again
  5. Click on Utilities
  6. Select Import option
  7. Select the IIF Files
  8. Search for the IIF file you require
  9. Click Open
  10. Click OK

The synching is done.

Option 3: Sync Invoices as per Google calendar to QuickBooks

  1. Look at the menu in the left pane. Choose Apps from there
  2. Choose Find Apps
  3. Look for option Invoice with Google Calendar
  4. Click on App
  5. Choose Get App Now
  6. Follow the on-screen prompt for proper synchronization
  7. Once connected, the app will ask you to set the default service you want from it.
  8. Again, go to the left pane and choose Apps
  9. Click on My Apps
  10. Look for option Invoice with Google Calendar
  11. Go to Settings
  12. Open the App Center
  13. Click on Change
  14. Select the section Default service item and rate
  15. Choose the services you want
  16. Click on Save
  17. Close the window

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