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Tackle Tax Notices with Quickbooks Payroll

Tackle Tax Notices with Quickbooks Payroll

What do you mean by tax notice in QuickBooks Payroll?

You received a tax notice (also known as an assessment) in the mail from the IRS or a state tax authority. Tax notices in Quickbooks might merely contain information or they might demand more action. It can be used by tax authorities to tell you about changes to your business’s rates, a new file plan, or the status of your account. By comparing the data in your online Square Payroll dashboard with the information on the notification, you can typically address the majority of notices on your own in QuickBooks Payroll.

Notices of taxes frequently received include

Notices of Federal TaxesNotices of state Taxes
Quarterly or annual filer assignmentsChanges to filing frequency
Insufficient paperwork or paymentsAssignments of state unemployment rates
Payable taxes or credit balanceIncomplete paperwork or payments
Payable taxes or credit balance

What are the steps to send the payroll tax notice using QuickBooks Payroll?

If you will find QuickBooks Payroll and tax notice of mismatch. To prevent further tax fines, interest, or notices, it’s critical to take care of it right away-

Follow the steps below on how to tackle the tax notice:) 

Step 1: Contact the relevant departments

Check to see if the tax notice has anything to do with the services that QuickBooks Payroll offers to you. The IRS forms 941/944, 940, W-2, state unemployment insurance, municipal withholding taxes, and state withholding tax, when necessary, are all handled by QuickBooks Payroll.

You should contact your accountant or tax advisor with any notices relating to additional business taxes, such as sales tax, corporate income tax, and franchise tax.

Step 2: Analyze your service status during the notice time to see if you were on duty

Verify that the message relates to a period when QuickBooks was handling your payroll. Contact the person or business that handled your payroll at the time you received the notice if it occurred before you enrolled in QuickBooks Payroll.

Step 3: Send your Tax Notice

To find out how to contact your tax notice, select your payroll service from the list below.

Note- It’s crucial that using the incorrect procedure for your payroll product will cause the processing of your tax notice to be delayed. Please choose your payroll product from the list below.

Type of Payroll Services

There are 3 payroll services from which you have to choose one according to your product:-

1. QuickBooks Online Payroll 

If you already use QuickBooks Online and want payroll software that will make your life a little bit easier, QuickBooks Payroll is a fantastic option. It interfaces seamlessly with QuickBooks Online, can conduct payroll instantly, and enables same-day or next-day direct transfers for companies with one to 50 employees. There are three options available, and when a company expands and needs more services, it is possible to upgrade. Any subscription can include retirement plans and health benefits.

However, it’s worthwhile looking more closely at the competition if you use accounting software other than QuickBooks Online or have employees in different states. If you have employees in more than one state, QuickBooks Payroll can only be integrated with QuickBooks Online.

2. QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Assisted or Intuit Online Full Service

With the help of Payroll Assisted, a payroll management service, you can effortlessly pay employees within QuickBooks while having payroll taxes and forms taken care of for you. You enter employee hourly pay rates and salaries before your first paycheck, which you can change at any moment.

Every one of its programs is full-service, which means that automatic payroll calculations, payroll tax filings, and year-end reporting are all included. Additionally, the program is simple to set up and offers quick direct deposit alternatives (such as next- and same-day payments). Please go to QuickBooks Online Payroll.

3. Intuit Online Payroll Enhanced, QuickBooks Online Payroll Enhanced

The most recent State Tax Forms are automatically filled up in QuickBooks Desktop with Enhanced Payroll. You can process the forms with the help of QuickBooks Desktop, which will also help you conform to state rules. With Assisted Payroll, Intuit will handle the taxes and payments for you.

For companies that prefer to handle their own payroll processing, QuickBooks Desktop Enhanced Payroll offers comprehensive payroll tools. Paychecks are generated, payroll taxes are computed, and direct deposits are sent using Intuit Enhanced Payroll. Additionally, Enhanced Payroll creates and electronically submits tax forms such as the W-2, 940, and 941.

Where to Send Tax Notice?

How to guide your team and where to send the Tax Notice for resolution, Here are the steps below:

  1. Select QuickBooks Desktop Help by going to Help.
  2. Choose Contact Us.
  3. Put a statement like I received a notice from the state” inside the box on the new pop-up window.
  4. Press Search.
  5. Select your preferred method of contact after scrolling down.


  1. How does QuickBooks handle tax overrides?

    Change the transaction’s sales tax, here are the steps below -:)

    1. Select Sales tax under Taxes (Take me there).
    2. Next to the tax, you need to change, click the View Return button.
    3. Select Adjust the sentence.
    4. Choose the justification for the change.
    5. Decide on the adjusting account.
    6. The amount of the adjustment is added.
    7. The bottom option is Add.

  2. Why did I receive a tax notice because of that I have to tackle tax notice with QuickBooks Payroll?

    The IRS sends letters and notices for the following reasons: You owe money on the balance. You are entitled to a bigger or smaller refund. Regarding your tax return, we have to ask this query.

  3. How can I make QuickBooks payroll taxes correct?

    Select Adjust Payroll Liabilities from the Payroll Taxes & Liabilities menu under Employees. Choose the last paycheck date for the impacted month or quarter in the Date and Effective Date columns. If the item you are correcting was purchased using business funds, choose Employee Adjustment under the heading “Adjustment is for.”

  4. Why are payroll taxes being incorrectly calculated by QuickBooks that you do while tackling tax notices with QuickBooks Payroll?

    Payroll taxes may not be calculated in QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT) for a number of reasons. These include: The pay ceiling is exceeded by the entire annual salary. The employee’s last payroll’s gross wages are too low.

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